Artist's Pet: Kazuma Kaneko Picture

Finished my classes on Friday, and I decided today I'd start uploading some of the stuff I've done over the past couple semester.

Last two submissions are from Illustration 2.

We pick an artist, research them, decide what kind of pet we think they would have, then draw that pet in their style and write a short paper supporting it. I picked Kazuma Kaneko.

Here's the paper:

Kazuma Kaneko is an illustrator who works for the video game developing company Atlus Co., Ltd., and is also known as the 'demon artist' for his work on the Megami Tensei franchise of games: Kaneko designed and illustrated the gods and demons depicted in most of the games from cultures and mythologies across the globe, from Abrahamic, to Greco-Roman, to Norse, to Hindu, to Shinto, to Native American, to Lovecraftian. He also directed many earlier games and supervised the development of the recent games; as a result, he considers not just the illustrations of the demons, but the games as a whole as "his art."

Further information on Kaneko (written in English, at least) is highly scarce and difficult to find; as a result, I was limited to what he has said in interviews that were published in English. However, reading between the lines of his responses combined with my familiarity to the
MegaTen games granted some insight and allowed me to speculate that Kaneko would perhaps have a dog as a pet. For instance, Kaneko suggests in one interview that "[his] personal growth had a direct effect on the evolution of the style throughout the series." The games of the franchise are very dark in tone and atmosphere, especially the earlier installments; more recent games are still rather grim and harsh, but over time, signs of hope and optimism have made their way into the games, particularly in the "neutral" endings (as opposed to "order" or "chaos" endings), which encourage humanity's ability to live and grow for itself, suggesting that Kaneko may have some hope in mankind. In another interview, he states that he wanted to create games that allowed the player to decide for him- or herself what course of action was right or wrong, again suggesting that Kaneko is a man that trusts players to be able to think and act for themselves. He also stated that he wanted the protagonist in his games to be ordinary individuals, stating that, "no matter who you are, if you are given a chance and have the guts to try your best, you can become a hero." Finally, he says that his favorite games are those "'like Tetris the most, where [he keeps] doing the same thing over and over and try to get a high score."

These quotes, plus the fact that the protagonist of the 1992 game
Shin Megami Tensei has a pet dog that briefly joins as an ally, I decided that Kaneko's pet would be a dog (a husky, to be precise). Dogs are fairly "ordinary" pets that are entertained by simple games (e.g., fetch) and are symbols of loyalty and courage.

Once I finish uploading all of these on DA, they'll also go up on my new Tumblr. All my future work will go on that too (though I haven't quite decided whether I'll abandon my DA yet).
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