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Valhalla Volume 9: Den Store Udfordring/The Big Challenge
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Credit paaaage~ Look at all the wonderous people who brought you this thing~~
Oh and an incidental note- I initially missed out a letter in translating the title and ended up with 'The Big Current', then sat there wondering wtf that had to do with anything. Ah, silly bunneh XD

To kick off from this point even if you haven't read the preceeding comics or have no clue about norse myth, this is what you need to know:
The gods are awesome. They live in Asgard, which is a shiny place. They fight stuff and drink mead. That is the gods in a nutshell.
They also have human allies- the souls of great warriors taken from the mortal realm and brought to live in Valhalla. This was the ultimate honor amoung vikings. Most of the fun was that these undead warriors could fight as much as they liked and just wake up five minutes later if they got killed. So it was wonderous days of beating eachother up for 'practise', then eating giant feasts, getting drunk off your ass and waking up the next day to fight again! Good afterlife, no?
(note: in the original mythology Tjalfe and co were dead warrior souls like this. In the comic however, they are a bunch of totally untrained living human children that Thor was tricked into adopting by Loki. Apprantly this is because they wanted a point of view character who would go around saying 'What's this?' to justify all the infodumping, and also cos otherwise it would be boring to have absolutely everyone be a badass. Apparantly.)
Speaking of which: THOR
Thor is the hero of today's story, and practically every other story. In case you didn't know, Thor is the thunder god with a giant hammer! However, unlike what Marvel comics has told you, he's not a young blondie girlyman, but actually a musclebound middle aged man with ginger hair and an awesome beard. And Mjollnir is not a blacksmith's hammer, it's more like a tomahawk. (aka triangle-shaped and built only for battle!) But he's still awesome so please don't turn away now XD
And the source of the conflict is: The Jotunn (pronounced roughly like yaw-tun)
The other race of supernatural beings, next to the gods. They represented chaos as opposed to order, but their individual motives varied. Some of the gods even had jotunn wives or were part jotunn themselves. And of course they had their pet jotunn in Loki the trickster. :3 But the race as a whole was the enemy of Asgard, so they pretty much killed any non-asgardian ones indiscriminately.
Contrary to most depictions, jotunn were not necessarily humanoid or logical in any way. For example Loki's most famed children were a snake, a wolf and a walking corpse. However they were shapeshifters, so does it really matter what their preferred form was? This comic just does away with all of that, makes them all look like ogres and -so far, as of this volume- is avoiding calling the nonhumanoid jotunn jotunn at all. Meh
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