Pyoter Romavitch: General of the Warrior Unit Picture

Name: Pyoter Van Romavitch

Nickname: As of now, if you are unfamiliar to Pyoter, or much lower ranking than him, you will call him either General, or General Romavitch, or suffer for your insolence. However.... if you THINK you can call him Pyoter, you're probably in the clear.

Title: The Siberian Sentinel; General of the Soldier Unit

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 195 Lbs.

Race: Human

Unit: Warrior

: Battle Theme(s): FFXI Main Battle Theme
Night On Bald Mountain (When Using Limit)

Weapon(s): As he has always had since he began as one of the reapers, Pyoter possesses an Romavitch heirloom scourge, which is leather, tipped with the fang of a demon wolf, and is 20 feet long. The whip seems to have a mind of its own, Pyoter having noted recently that when he cracks it, the weapon seems to lash out and dig itself into the flesh of his foes.

Pyoter's got a few new toys since the Reapers had disbanded; one of them includes a humongous two handed flail, the weapon's handle made of pinewood, its metal steel, and its reach roughly is about a 4' radius.

Though not really a new weapon, Pyoter has found himself armor; though only appearing to be made of animal skins, Pyoter's new breast plate is nothing to scoff at; Nemean Pelt is what composes this piece of attire, the fur from an offspring of its legendary ancestor, the Nemean Lion. Though not as potent as the original monster's pelt at protecting its wearer from harm, Pyoter and his Babushka's trip to the mediterranean countries to seek beasts who possess fur with such qualities was not without reward; the pelt easily surpasses the protection a bullet proof vest offers, but it certainly is not invisible.

It should be noted Pyoter still hides brass knuckles underneath his gloves

Finally, the last new toy Pyoter's obtained are his gloves; his Babushka had knitted him this pair, but their not just sentimental; she's placed flint at all their finger tips, and magic runes are weaved into the cloth all along the back of the hand. The spell on these gloves prevents the flint from ever wearing, and they will always produce sparks... not a fire ball though... at least... not without fuel...

Raskrytie Glaz: Originally, this ocular magic automatically allowed Pyoter to see demonic forces as they passed over his gaze, the world around him becoming grey, but objects and people who belong to the Otherworld appearing as one would see things in a thermal camera...

Now, however, Pyotr has found a way to control this vision; it will still automatically activate, however, he can fur it off when he so chooses. Along with this, this sight no longer renders his vision from seeing the "real" world... Instead, though, if he keeps this up for about 10 minutes, he will begin to suffer severe migraines.

There's also a few other spells involving his eyes too; Pyoter's also found he can use a spell of the same name as his "Demon Searching" spell, however, this one unveils whether an entity has been deceitful; this ability is still rather new to the general, so he can only hold it about 1 or 2 minutes before the migraines. Not to mention he has to activate this manually. Those who have been dishonest and caught in this sight will appear to have wispy yellow smoke rising from them, the larger their lie, the bigger the output.
In contrast to Pyoter's eyes turning blue while using the original Raskrytie Glaz, his eyes will appear vibrant yellow while using this.

The final trick the Sentinel has picked up involves the many inky black tattoos his Babushka gave him. To try and make a long story short, Pyoter is capable of blinding his foes, and slightly restricting their movement. By placing his hands down on one surface (this spell cannot leap off of one surface to anthers), the tattoos can creep along the surface and snatch onto foes, their reach about 11'. Any foes caught in this snare will have their vision overwritten with our favorite pissy Russian's; however, Pyoter actually CLOSES his eyes, forcing the enemy to fight without vision. This is more so used if Pyoter is providing support, it requiring complete focus, and he closing his eyes.

Though you could probably use the sparks from the gloves for several purposes, Pyoter uses these three the most consistently;

~Iron Curtain Ablaze: By pouring the Vodka he's stashed in his coat on his gloves, the pseudo-pyromaniac can create a flame, and after muttering the Russian incantation "Dykhaniye drakona", the flame's coloration becomes bright blue. By blowing through the fire, he creates a sort of makeshift flamethrower. The flame lasts only until the fuel is used up, which burns up within, at the most, one minute.

~Moscow Surprise: First dousing his gloves in vodka, Pyoter can take the orange flame and shove it in one of his seemingly endless supply of vodka bottles; needless to say, I can assume, we all have a blast with this one~

~Mussorgsky's Beast: This is, persay, Pyoter's "Limit". When all hope seems lost, Pyoter has one last ace up his sleeve; he first will take out a very unique looking bottle of vodka, take a swig, throw off his trench coat, and then completely pour the alcoholic beverage all over himself. He then will snap his fingers, creating a flame, but will begin repeating an incantation three times; "Zverʹ obitayet v Lysoy Gore ya nazyvayu , szhechʹ moi vragi i sdelatʹ ikh padeniye". The flame's palette will change, the inside of the flame black, the outside vibrant oranges. He will hurl the fireball into the air, crack his whip into the flame, and the demon tooth will ignite.

Snatching the tooth, Pyoter will undo the knot holding the tooth, and place it in his mouth where he is missing a canine tooth (thanks Babushka); a small explosion will take place, engulfing Pyoter in flames...

But when the flames clear, a devilish looking, black silhouette with horns, glowing blue eyes, and bat wings will stand; beware the beast of the Bald Mountain.

(See More Information on this form in "Other!")

(I will note that this artwork for Pyoter will be outdated with this appearance, and I intend to update this when I have some time)

Appearance: Starting at the top, Pyoter has changed his appearance in the last three months; due to the shock and stress of losing both a rival, what he considers a very close commander, and being promoted, a layer of snow white hair litters the ends of Pyoter's follicles, though his hair is still predominantly brunette.

His hair is still rather long, his bangs beginning to reach his eyebrows, the back of his hair now easily reaching his collar, and the Russian's sideburns beginning to reach down towards his cheeks.

The general's face is more roundish, but the chin is very prominent. Since he has not shaved for some time now, his stubble has begun to grow, it now quite visible from his checks, down to his chin, and above his lips.

Pyoter's eyebrows are quite bushy and underneath the eyebrows, there are large, round eyes that are all blue grey. Despite their full appearance, they are normally in the shape of a glare, or a leer.

Peter’s nose is a pretty universal size and nothing too noteworthy about it… Neither does his mouth, other than the fact that it is normally frowning, sneering, or something of that nature.

Pyoter's duds have changed to some extent; one thing he still retains is his old scarf, it still bearing the symbol of the old organization. However, he normally ties the scarf around his waist now, he letting the end of the scarf featuring the new symbol of the Reaper's being shown prominently.

Next is the Sentinel's upper body; the most outer layer is a tan, button down trench coat with brown lining of the same cotton material. There are rather large pockets on either side of the coat, as well as there also being a left breast pocket with one button. Several pockets line the inside of the coat as well, allowing for stashing items in them. The trench coat reaches to about Peter’s knees, the scarf about the same height as well; a brown leather, buckled belt holds both his scourge and his flail.

One layer inside, one will find a long sleeve grey shirt, it's front revealing the two headed eagle of old russia, and beneath that, a sort of tannish fur, this being Pyoter's Nemean pelt. Finally, removing that layer, you will find a black wife beater

Though already quite the powerhouse, Pyoter's muscle mass has extremely increased, the muscles now easily defined on the 6'4 Russian.

As mentioned earlier, Pyoter has now obtained new hands gloves from his grandmother; these gloves are completely black, have flint safely embedded into their finger tips, and with a few woven runes into the back of the hand, do indeed hold the magic to produce sparks.

Finally, his pants; Pyoter has purchased new, slightly baggy, cameo pants. These also have front and back pockets, and as with the old ones, Pyoter has put some shin pads and whatnot to try and protect his legs.

He also still wears large black combat boots; as it could be said, the bigger the are, the more butt they can kick.

Personality: Pyoter has begun to crack his shell open a little, and though still a very gruff and no nonsense person, Pyoter's starting to try and become more of a team player.

He does, however, hold his ranking in high respect; Pyoter tries to stay classy and represent his ranking as general best he can, and if you don't treat him as a general should be treated, you will most likely be spending most the night cleaning the bathroom... with a q-tip.

The Russian still is paranoid, but thanks to his time in the Wolf's Reapers, Pyoter has begun to learn to trust people more. And though he wants to still appear fierce and be respected... he does want to seem approachable...

One thing, though, that Peter is very proud about, is the Motherland; Russia, to him, is one of the most amazing places on Earth… however, he strongly dislikes some… factors that had afflicted the Russian nation for quite some time… But on the other hand, he often, if in the mood to talk, will speak about his homeland, and of its almost ever present snow, its colorful legends, and other things as well.

In the wee hours of not training, Pyoter has continued writing his novel, he being told once that he should consider storytelling due to how enthusiastic he is about reading, and his interest in lore and whatnot... The book is ever slowly nearing completion...

Despite his best attempts, Pyoter still isn’t really a people person. He's not as jumpy and as anxious about being bugged as before, but if there's an important discussion about to happen, don't be surprised if you see Pyoter crawling along on the floor searching for tape recorders.

He's been training himself to not have such a bad temper, and has gotten to the point where he won't explode on you at first... instead, it's probably just a polite "Now really" or, "please stop that"... afterwards, it will go back to the older times, where he will start using slander against you, and then resort to violence. It should be noted that those of lower ranking will be graced with more patience, Pyoter seeing that senior members of the Reaper's should conduct themselves as such.

Pyoter is absolutely dedicated to the mission; though he's been reading how to be a better leader and get along with people, he may be one of the first to look into sacrificing a member in order to complete a dire mission... himself included.

Despite all his adventures, Pyoter has one major phobia; in Russia, there aren’t too many species of the things Arthropods or Arachnids that live in its harsh, cold conditions. As such Peter is quite unfamiliar with them, and as such, will freak out if he sees a big, danerous looking, or gross bug (oh, but it’s not like woman shriek freak out… it’s more like hurling desks at the thing to kill it.).

One surprising factor about Peter is that… he’s Optimistic. Not the kind that bounces off the walls and thinks it’s going to start raining gold, and rainbows across the sky will dance… no...Peter is the kind of optimistic that is very sure of what they’re doing and that negative thinking will only more likely cause such unpleasant event to happen.

Pyoter is still the cold, pissy Russian he is... but perhaps that can be changed... Maybe the sun is rising over the Kremlin... Pyoter sure hope he can learn to be a better people person...


+Reading: "Finally! Chapter 53!"

+Beaches: “I have no real explanation why… I just guess I like warmer places with water…. That’s all.”

+Brawls: “Nothing trains you in combat experience better than getting in a fist fight!”

+Russia: “All SHOULD become one with Mother Russia… that eez day I like the world for what is.”

+Heritage: “I come from lahnd of colorful heestory…now get out of my face before your blood becomes part of the painting.”

+Decaf Black Coffee: "So... Calming... so... bitter~"

+Mythology: "Odin.. the all father..."

+Story Telling/Writing: “…and then Victor found twin headed eagle that lay golden egg!”

+Dogs: "Cats are cute, but as I have found, canines are much more dependable"


-Demons: “Go back to the fiery hell hole you came from, Bastards!”

-Germans: “... *Glaaaaare*"



-Vampires: “Blood sucking, cowardly demons that have had their name ruined forever!"

-Caffeine: “Ugh. I hate that $#[email protected] I already sleep horribly as is, and it affects me so bad…”

-Bunnies: “AAATCHOO!”


Pre Dissolution:

As one could imagine, there was a bone chilling, frightening, blizzard the night Pyoter Van Romavitch was born. The babe was born on the Iconic Holiday, Valentine ’s Day, in the year 1985, while the Soviet Union was the governmental party of the entire U.S.S.R.. As it had turned out, the family had not been in their home town, Leningrad, but instead out in their wooden cabin on the outskirts of the town, near one of Russia’s many Boreal Forests.

Luckily for the family, his birth went smoothly, despite the isolation of their cabin… but they had one extra guest at the babe’s birth… Pyoter’s Grandmother on his Mother’s side.

After the house-hold had all fallen asleep, the Grandmother went over to the babe, and then began to recite an ancient Russian spell that would reveal if her assumptions were true. During this, the young Pyoter awoke, but remained silent as he watched the old witch mutter the incantation. Then, all of a sudden, the newborn’s eyes glowed silver, and he began to bawl loudly, waking his parents.

The father roared at the old hag, chastising, “You could not wait! Could you! Now they will we are here! They will look for him!”

The grandmother cackled, and simply replied, “My son, you are so worried~ you forget what I am capable of… Now I will protect your family for the eve… and your family will have peace. But I will warn you now… you will not be able to protect him forever… I suggest you send him to me, at some point… But for now… I leave.” And with that, the old witch stepped outside, into the frozen forest.

They all fled the cabin the next morning, and the small family returned to Stalingrad, the parents feeling a little more at ease now that they were back in civilization.

Life was as normal as it could get in the U.S.S.R. for a year…. His mother took care of Pyoter while his father worked a governmental job…. All was good…

But then, it happened; the disaster of the Chernobyl radiation spill occurred the very next year, sending chaos throughout Europe. As it turned out, Pyoter’s father had gone to on a business trip, and had been caught in one of the areas of major radiation exposure. Pyoter, too young to understand what was going on, had no idea of his mother’s tears as she of the news…

Pyoter’s father, thankfully for the family, was able to call them later that month, assuring them that he was, though very sick, still alive, and would be coming back within a few months… But when he did come back, Mr. Romavitch was in a wheel chair, due to how weak the radiation had reduced him to.

The year the boy turned six was the year many interesting events happened; the Soviet Union had finally broken and the Russian government claimed the position of being Russia’s, well, head government.

But more important in the life of the boy, was the beginning of him reading and writing; oh how he loved to read and write. And he’d listen too! He’d take in all the stories and tales of Russia, and then try and come up with his own versions of the tales.

And even more surprising, young Pyoter began what would be his path to becoming a top notch gymnast. His teacher was pleased by his flexibility, and his courage to continue again and again until he perfected the technique the class was instructed to perform.

And so, the boy continued to grow up in the Motherland… going to school… learning gymnastics… listening and telling tales of old … Unaware of the one event in his life that would change his life that came so suddenly.

He was 14 at the time, and it was the championships for his school’s gymnastics competition. For his final performance, Pyoter would be performing a floor exercise. And so, He twisted, turned, and flipped through the air as he demonstrated great technique and year’s worth of practice.

There was no way anything could deflate his happiness; today was his birthday, there were actual Olympic scouts looking for those with enough skill to join the Russian Olympic team, and his parents had purchased a whole set of novels he had been dying to read forever.

But, as luck would have it, the clock neared the exact time Pyoter was born as he was about to finish up his routine. With a backhand spring, he counted down the springs until the end….. “Five… four… three … two…” And as he finished with one last back flip, the clock struck Nine O’clock, and Pyoter gazed at the judges…

But, for him, he could only see two judges, each glowing bright red, as well as a few other people in the gymnasium, also glowing red… all the rest of the people were gone… the now grey and wispy gymnasium was… empty.

Gasping in surprise, Pyoter glanced around bewildered as to why in the world there were now only a handful of people in the gym… and they were now all advancing towards him… all officials of the competition…

He heard that he had received excellent scores for the routine, but… he was lost and confused… What the hell was going on?! An invisible force then seemed to drag him, a voice he did not know, but yet sounded so familiar saying, “Come, child… It is finally time…”

At first, Pyoter tried to fight what felt like a knobby grasp, but eventually stopped, after finding that whoever was leading him told him to stop struggling, and respect your elders….

Finally, Pyoter’s vision began to retain its color, and he began to see people again… and glancing at his captor…. “Babushka?!”

She smiled a toothy smile, and the grandmother cackled, “Of course, child. But now child, we must make haste… it is finally time for you to face the fate you were destined for since birth.”

“B-but-“ Pyoter had stammered, but his Bababushka put a finger to her lips, and the two began to walk into a forest… The very forest where Pyoter’s family’s cabin lay.

Pyoter stared in amazement of the snowy landscape… feeling as if he were entering one of the legends he had heard so many times before…

The two finally reached the Cabin, and nostalgia hit Pyoter hard; so many holidays spent in here with his family, memories of the good times… but what was happening?

Bababushka then led the boy into the wooden structure, where inside was Pyoter’s parents. After a quick reunion, Bababushka cut to the chase, “All right. You all now know that Pyoter has finally come of age. His bloodline’s ability has become active, and the monsters will start to come… I must take him so he will survive.”

Pyoter’s mouth opened, and gasped, “M-monsters?! They are not real!”

Baba shook her head, snapped her fingers, and then, through the door … a silver broom… just like…

In horror, Pyoter cried, “You’re not my Bababushka! You’re Baba Yaga!”

Nodding, his Grandmother then held out her hand, but then reasoned, “I’m a Baba Yaga. A witch of the Boreal forest. The Baba Yaga you’re thinking of was an ancient terror… she’s long since passed… but this only exaggerates the fact you posses the gift of seeing demons, me being a witch… So please… Come now child… trust me…”

Glancing at his parents… they both nodded, their faces solemn…

Silent tears streamed down the boys eyes, and there he went to hug them, unknowingly, for the last time in his life, the two trying to comfort their son…

With that, Pyoter left with his Grandmother, and the two left in her fly mortar, never to see the two adults who called themselves Pyoter’s parents… With this departure, Pyoter wondered if he would meet any friends while living with Bababushka… Maybe…

But, as it turned out, Pyoter was mainly in isolation. Yes, he was occasionally sent out back to town to go gather some groceries and such, but because of his normal isolation, minus his grandmother… Pyoter’s heart began to harden, and his love for people shrinking.

However, his Grandmother, though keeping him deep in the woods under her care as he grew up, trained the boy to use his powers to fight the “monsters”, despite her old age.

She proved to be quite strict, but certainly knew her stuff about demons; as such, Pyoter, during the following years, treated his grandmother more so as a general, rather than a relative… though he did let her hug him when she wanted to (an order’s an order, he supposed.)

Finally, at the age of 18, Pyoter had grown into a strong young man; through vigorous training, and much tutoring in the ways of fighting demons, Pyoter’s Bababushka finally felt he was prepared to be released back into the world of civilization.

As a gift for his four years of complete obedience and hard work, his Bababushka gave her grandson three, valuable gifts; the first, a heart shaped locket, containing a picture of Pyoter’s parents and his grandmother. Accepting the gift, he nodded, but at this point, his heart was frozen solid; it meant very little to him… or at least that’s what he portrayed.

The second gift was a… Scarf? He accepted the scarf too, noticing the insignia of a wolf carrying a scythe in its mouth, thinking it no more than a symbol of courage… oh how he would be wrong. However, the scarf also came along with advice from Pyoter’s Bababushka: “I suggest, Pyoter, when you feel you are truly ready, seek the howl of the Reaping wolves, and join their pack.” (“Thanks, bababushka. That made no sense whatsoever.”)

And his final gift was certainly the most exciting; a fearsome scourge, tipped with the fang of a demonic wolf. The Baba Yaga explained that the weapon was a part of Pyoter’s lineage, and he was to use the whip to defeat the evil demons. He had always seen his grandmother use the scourge, and now she was passing it down to him. He had practiced using whips, but this one… it felt better than using any of the whips he had used beforehand.

Giving the whip a couple practice cracks, his Bababushka then gave him her blessing, and then sent off her grandson back to the real world. . . But, instead of taking him back to St. Petersburg, she had her grandson move to Moscow, where she had a feeling he would have an easier time of hearing, “The wolf’s howl.”

One of the first items of business Pyoter took care of when he got out of the boreal forest he had grown to call home, was to get a job. Despite the fact he just had technically dropped out of Highschool (See the “Other Notes” Section for explznation), Pyoter easily found a job he highly enjoyed; being a librarian.

Yes, all sorts of people came in the building, and Pyoter didn’t really like part of the job… however, he loved the thousands of books that surrounded him every day. But one of his favorite parts of his job was… the story telling. Occasionally, the library would allow children to come in for story reading, and quite often (and shockingly to the other employees), Pyoter would often take the job. No, he didn’t like the children so much, and he did yell at them every so often, but he loved reading the old legends and tales of Russia… even though he knew they were true.

For a few years, the young man tried to reacquaint himself with society, but he just got into too many fist fights… There wasn’t a whole lot that pleased him about society. Too crowded; too many stupid people; too noisy; etc. On the plus side, though, the man now had access to vodka much easier than when he had been living with his Bababushka.

Along with that, Pyoter still practiced his gymnastics, and never let a day go by without practicing with his scourge… and the more time passed by, the more anxious he was to use the weapon.

Finally, at the age of 23, Pyoter had his chance at taking on a demon; a powerful blizzard had been haunting Russia’s capital for two-weeks, and no one could figure out what the problem was. Most blizzards would calm down after just a few days, and maybe a week, but the storm showed no sign of slowing. Wondering if his Grandmother knew anything about the matter, Pyoter went out in the direction of his Grandmother’s cabin.

However, as soon as he neared the woods a familiar feeling came over… his eyes flashed silver, and the world turned grey… and a trail of orange paw prints lead on into the forest. Following the trail, Pyoter cracked his whip several times, he growing antsy for a confrontation.

His patience finally paid off; he finally caught up with the troublesome demon on rock formation near, from where he could tell, in the heart of the forest. The beast was a humongous, lynx, and it’s eyes glowed me menacingly. Giving a horrible screech, the monstrous cat leaped at the Russian, it’s claws glowing, indicating the cat had some sort of “magic” concealed within the weapons. Easily side stepping the assault, Pyoter cracked the scourge across the monster’s left side, a long gash now oozing blood.

Hissing in pain, the creature roared at Pyoter, and he immediately knew the beast was responsible for this blizzard business; even though he was Russian, and wore heavy clothing, the roar felt as if winter itself whipped his face thousands of times over.

Now furious that he was covered in frozen spittle, the Sentinel lashed his weapon at the cats face, giving the beast yet another long slash… that wasn’t what killed the beast.

The demonic wolf tooth that tipped the scourge had buried itself in the lynx’s head, and the feline yowled in agony as the tooth dug through its skull. Pyoter had no idea what in the world the tooth could do, but whatever it was, it was certainly effective. The lynx thrashed around on the ground for some time, trying to rid itself of the barb in its head, only causing the snow around it to be stained in its blood by its flailing. Pyoter had to hold onto his scourge’s handle for dear life, and was sent flying through the air (and through a few tree branches) while his foe rolled around on the ground, giving him his fair share of bruises and cuts. Finally, with one last screech of defiance, the beast went limp, the monster now dead.

Immediately, the winds died down, a calm settling over the city of Russia, and snow falling at a slower pace. Sighing, Pyoter went over to the Lynx, and proceeded to remove the canine stuck in the cat’s cranium. The tooth, thoroughly lodged in the head, required several minutes of tugging, and a fair number of curses in Russian to come out. The tooth looked like it flared for a moment as it slid out of the cat’s head, and blood dripped from its point.

Glancing around, Pyoter found no other threats, the lynx on the ground turning blue through his eyes, and then color returned to the world; upon closer look, the Lynx was pure white with occasional stripes of black, its signature black bobbed ears, and its luminescent blue eyes. All of a sudden, an emotion that he had not felt for a long time welled up inside him… what was it?... Ah, yes… Sadness. He actually was quite fond of cats, and minus the gashes upon the beast, it looked quite beautiful…

Shaking the idea of pity out of his mind, the Russian brought himself back to earth; he began breathing heavily, Pyoter finally noticing the pain from all the thrashing around; a broken rib, several cuts on his head, and his arm felt like it had popped out of place. The Russian dragged himself to a hospital in Moscow, where there he was taken care of.

After this experience, Pyoter decided that it would be better to be prepared for anything, constantly on the alert for anything that deemed itself dangerous… but this became a rather tragic mistake; this awareness quickly turned to paranoia, and pretty soon, only Vodka brewed by Pyoter passed his lips

Demons became a little more frequent the next year, and they began to cause all sorts of problems for the city of Moscow; stolen wedding rings, kidnapped children, buildings spontaneously combusting; that sort of thing. But Pyoter soon got into the system of appearing as soon as the news got out, and went to try and solve the mystery of the incident, often leading to a duel with a creature or an insane mage.

He became a an iconic figure of mystery; some people swore to have seen him in action, defending people from demons, but by the time officials arrived, the hero had vanished. They decided to call this ever elusive warrior, “The Siberian Sentinel,” since he seemed to pop up all over Russia, protecting her people…

It was just this year Pyoter was introduced to the Wolves’ Reaper’s; he had been fighting a rather nasty cult of shadow goblins, who had been stirring up trouble by thieving historical artifacts from the Museum of Russian history. Several of the demons were on the ground, their bodies as cold as the ground they lay on, but the largest of the group, most likely the leader, had Pyoter pinned down, his long, dagger like claws about to end the Sentinel’s days. By a miracle, several soldiers in white uniforms jumped the duo, quickly dispatching the monster, and all that remained.

Pyoter was not dreadfully harmed, thankfully, but one of the soldiers had noticed his scarf, and then pointed at a patch on his winter vest, the symbol the exact same graphic, explaining, “What are you doing out here by yourself? You should have contacted the local branch and made sure to come with backup. You know well enough we Reapers need to work together.”

Confused, Pyoter asked who in the world were the reapers, to which the soldier responded, “The Wolves Reapers; the people you joined to fight demons? How can you not know who they are? You can only get that insignia by working for us.”

Quickly explaining it was a gift from his grandmother who had trained him to fight demons, the soldier raised an eyebrow, but simply nodded his head, and then handed a business card to the Russian.

He explained, “I suggest you give our head general a call then… from what we were watching, you are one wicked fighter with that whip. We could use serious fighters like you. And of what I’ve heard, our main branch in Verona is getting out of control. All sorts of insanity… One of our generals blind, a rogue necromancer at large… and something about this pair of deviants who enjoy toying with our organization.”

Nodding in appreciation, Pyoter nodded, accepted the card, and began walking away from these so called Reapers. His Babushka’s old suggestion; “I suggest, Pyoter, when you feel you are truly ready, seek the howl of the Reaping wolves, and join their pack.”

Well, he had finally figured out what in the world she had been talking about…

Much pondering was to be done…


Post Dissolution:

Pyoter saw it. He had been fighting off a stag lycan when he saw Slage's corpse fall to the ground, it leaking out ruby tears as it sat there on the ground.

In a fit of rage, Pyoter had taken the charging buck, snapping it's neck though one of it's antlers bore into his shoulder, and with his foe felled, went to retrieve the fallen warrior...

During the service for Slage, Pyoter cried tears he thought would never form; he was going to be able to show that bastard up for making him look like an ass so many times... But now that bastard of a Blood-Written went and got himself killed!...

And Wren... Oh Wren.... Depression had struck Pyoter so badly, and it's effects were quite obvious; lack of much sleep, lack of appetite... Heck, he'd even given up drinking vodka! Plus... How was he... This low ranking warrior... Supposed to lead an entire unit of the group he'd come to call family... He was the pissy recluse!

As the group disbanded, Pyoter left the first day possible... He returned home to his Babushka, who took him back with warm and open arms...

The stress and shock of all of this happening caused Pyoter's hair to revert to a grayer coloration about 2 weeks after the betrayal and death.. Pyoter still moping...

Babushka Romavitch would have none of this. One evening, she took Pyoter outside, and clearly told him that he needed to move on, or he'd be the downfall of the Reapers. If he ever wanted to bring honor and glory to those who had been lost, he needed to get off his sorry ass, and get to work... Interestingly enough... And though they stung... The words... Ignited Pyoter's will. He was seeing reason to continue fighting.

And so he did. His Babushka began training Pyoter again, even sending him to several other mages and acquaintances she had met during her prime, they teaching him more about his capabilities with magic, more ways of combat, and more of a militaristic mindset of working together.

During this time, his hours of training were long and hard... but the fruits of labor were paying off. The sentinel and his babushka traveled several times to obtain new gear and weapons to better prepare the new Warrior general for leading one of the four branches of the Reapers...

And so, with his intense training from several virtuosos in combat, military commanding, and magic, the Sentinel anticipates the day for the call to return to the Reapers...

But will it be enough?


Items: His Whip, his flail, his seemingly endless supply of alcoholic beverages for fuel, his mithril gauntlets, and his scarf.

Other: As it turns out, Pyoter is a top class gymnast. He is extremely flexible, as well as being extremely aerodynamic, and capable of performing tumbling and other stunts.

It should also be noted that, as well as demon training, Pyoter also received educational knowledge, like learning to speak English, while under the care of his Baba, so as he’s not a high-school dropout when he was released back into civilization.

And after taking the job as the librarian, Pyoter decided to become trilingual, and learned German, since he felt it necessary to tell them to “Piss off” in their own language, if one such person was encountered.

Infernal Form:
When engaging this, "Limit", Pyoter is still Pyoter; he has merely shaped and is utilizing the alcohol he has ignited to make it appear that he has become a 9' fire demon.

There are limitations if he enters this state; this "Infernal Form" lasts only for about 4 minutes, and as can be easily noticed, fire is unpredictable, so collateral damage is rarely unavoidable.

He is still in his right mind while in this form, but Pyoter will lose all consciousness the moment the spell ends, he remaining this way for at least two days, all of his flammable items on him burned away, and he covered in either 1st or 2nd degree burns all over his body.

It should be noted he can only speak ancient russian in this form, and though he has wings, they are only for show.

Some common techniques he will use if he enters this state;

Moira's Downfall: With a mighty crack of his whip that is ablaze, Pyoter can either cause a small explosion where his whip cracked, or wrap it around one foe and incinerate them.

Trio Con Ignis: Pyoter will condense three balls of fire and launch them at a foe, the three converging in on one area, the projectiles will then erupt into a rather wide radius of fire.

Wyrm's Breath: By producing a ring with two of his "claws", Pyoter can exhale and create a stream of fire, more powerful than wit "Iron Curtain Ablaze"

Eruption al Fine: Always saving this towards the end, Pyoter would rather not use this if he can help it; he will first trace a circles with his "claws" around an area, creating a large pentacle. He will then seemingly extinguish himself, channeling all fire into the pentacle.

And then, the night lights up; after a roar in the language of old russian, a pillar of fire will blaze within the magical circle. This will always leave second degree burns on the Russian, as well as be the last bit of magic he can pull before blacking out. Also; the larger the pentacle, the less intense the heat.

Hey all! Here is the updated version of Pyoter's profile as a general! I have talked over his new abilities with Mei, and to my knowledge, all the new spells and weapons he has attained are approved!

This new chapter of the Reaper's is gonna be smoking!

Artwork by me. (Hopefully Soon To Be Updated)

~The Angelic Bard (Angel)
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