Barakka Majikku Picture

Burakku majikku
The Illusionist of Insanity

He jokes to be as old as time itself, about in reality he is 21

Dark Forest

Worker (runs an occults shop/ secret gambling hall)


Hypnosis and Dream Eater

Likes & Dislikes:
Dreams and eating them (he is obsessed to the point where he might be an addict), loves wealth, magic, black comedy, morbid jokes, mystical items, mythology, psychology, destiny, chaos and a good time.

People try to impose order on nature and himself, and people who are full of themselves, especially when they think they are better than he is, but are clearly not, hates death, and strongly dislikes physical violence.

He is the tempter and the tormenter. He makes himself in a position of social power so he can give people there dark desires, and haunts those who are weak, especially the weak ones who give into his temptations. He is sometimes sinister and overall is cartoonish evil. Twisted, insane, corrupting, but is philosophic, wise, always in a good mood likes entertaining people with magic tricks and illusions, and has respect for the power of strong individuals. He can argue through his evil deeds and talents he can actually help people, which he does from time to time so he gain popularity among the people. As a side effect of his dream eating, he might act in very emotional way, depending on his recently eaten dream, but that goes under the ‘insane’ category.

Not much is know about Majikku, other than for many years he has traveled the world in mysterious knowledge and power through old and dark sorcery. He has done this for many years in order to master the technique of dream eater, and studied dreams themselves. He has done it to experience to gain the most ecstasy, thrill, and power from even the tiniest portion of dream essence. He then turned entertainer, using his illusions for his own personal gain, but that did not help him find a solid source of dreams. He studied people, and conclude in finding a way to service the desires of others for his own wants. He then decided to run a casino and other not-so-legitimate business so he can feed on the dreams of those who are in debt to him. When it comes to fighting, he will use hypnosis as a distraction and get away, or overpower his opponent with psychological warfare. There are legends says because of his dark practices, that his mask has became attached to his face and its shape magically changes from time to time.
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