The Onuma Clan Picture

The Onuma Clan is a group of 7 demon-ogre hybrids who each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins and are based on seven demons from Judeo-Christian mythology, a reference to Peter Binsfeld's classification of demons, as well as elements and references to the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, The Lesser Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis Regis), a well known book in demonology, amongst other material. They were all created 314,432 (68 in immortal years) years ago by Dark Father Apockálypsi̱s, the true founder of the group, the oldest and powerful demon at a million years old, and the True Super Onuma.

Each of the Onuma has their own crest displayed in one of the seven colors of the visible spectrum of light.

Wravok Gek Akaikari (leader)
  • Sin: Wrath<li>Color: Red<li>Element: Fire<li>Planet: Jupiter<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Gekido (激怒)<li>Corresponding Day: Tuesday<li>Goal: To see his plans come to fruition

Grazz Yo Murasakiroku ("Sergeant of Operations")

  • Sin: Greed<li>Color: Purple<li>Element: Earth<li>Planet: Saturn<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Yoku (欲)<li>Corresponding Day: Saturday<li>Goal: To become "truly" immortal and possess all the world's riches

Enveena Se Midorenbo

  • Sin: Envy<li>Color: Green<li>Element: Wood<li>Planet: Mercury<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Senbō (羨望)<li>Corresponding Day: Thursday<li>Goal: See Onuma be the dominant life forms over humans and destroy the human race

Slok Na Aomakemono (Senior Mentor)

  • Sin: Sloth<li>Color: Blue<li>Element: Water<li>Planet: Mars<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Namakemono (ナマケモノ)<li>Corresponding Day: Wednesday<li>Goal: To finish his "bothersome" task so he can sleep

Glomom Oku Orenjiroku

  • Sin: Gluttony<li>Color: Orange<li>Element: Gold<li>Planet: Venus<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Ōkui (大食い)<li>Corresponding Day: Friday<li>Goal: To eat

Lor Yoku Shirubo (Spy)

  • Sin: Lust<li>Color: White<li>Element: Moon<li>Planet: Moon<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Yokubō (欲望)<li>Corresponding Day: Monday<li>Goal: Manipulate the truth to create chaos and destruction, and to find love

Lucephonse Pur Kirokori (Outsider)

  • Sin: Pride<li>Color: Yellow<li>Element: Sun<li>Planet: Sun<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Puraido (プライド)<li>Corresponding Day: Sunday<li>Goal: The completion of his own true plan

Dark Father Apockálypsi̱s (creator and founder of the Onuma)

  • Sin: All<li>Color: Rainbow<li>Element: All<li>Planet: Solar System<li>Japanese Spirit Seal: Mokushiroku (黙示録)<li>Corresponding Day: The entire week<li>Goal: To open the Spirit Seal Gate and become a 'Perfect God', obtain all the knowledge and power of the planets, and obtain absolute freedom from the "Gods".

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