The Divine Three Picture

These three are characters in a new show idea i've been considering. It's called "The Divine Three". I didn't know where else to get any commentary, so i thought i'd try my luck here.

Three elementary school kids (ages 9-12 and one a girl) of a place called Nexus City, USA, accidentally stumble upon a box with three strange items; a belt with a lightning bolt on the buckle, a golden Tiara and a necklace with a raven pendant. These items posses ancient power, power to transform the wielders into demigod-like beings. Fortunately for the three kids, the ancient and powerful Oracle of Delphi was in their city in disguise and has taken upon herself to train them on how to use their new abilities. Unfortunately, things also took a turn for the worse, since Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune's moons have all each reached a perfect alignment. At first one might consider this no big deal. But they'd be wrong to think that, for this strange phenomenon causes three things to happen simultaneously. The ancient Greek witch, Circe, rises from the deepest part of the Underworld, Tartarus. At the same time, the ancient Egyptian serpent, Apep, rises from the Nile River and the Norse goddess of Ice and Vengeance, Skadi suddenly feels active after years of dormancy. These three divine beings all had the same thing on their minds - World domination. Now it's up to Zack Salmoneus, Ivy Gizza and Neil Gardas to master their powers and protect the world from destruction and chaos.

Zack Salmoneus (The Golden Greek one in the middle) - The eldest of the trio (12 yrs. old) and the wearer of the Belt of Olympus. When he wields the belts power, he gains Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, durability and control over Lightning (like Zeus). To wield these powers, he will say the name of a figure in Greek Mythology (e.g. to use Super Strength he says "By the Strength of Hercules"). He is the de facto leader of the group, but his role is still unofficial. As such, Ivy and Neil often get annoyed when he gets too bossy and overly controlling. But when it really matters, Zack shows the skill of a true leader and is still respected as such. When he invokes the power of his belt, he transforms into a slightly taller, muscular, armored figure with the same emblem that's on the belt, on a chest plate and on the helmet he wears. His voice also becomes deeper and rather booming. To transform, he grabs the belt and exclaims "By Sky, By Earth, By Mount Olympus!" and he is then struck by a lightning bolt, after which, he becomes his demigod form. His last name is based on the Greek myth about the crazy King Salmoneus who thought he was the real Zeus and was smitten by the real Zeus for his gall.

Ivy Gizza (The Woman on the right) - The middle member of the group (10-11 yrs. old) and the wearer of the Tiara of Isis. When she summons the Tiara's power, she gains the power of light (she can create bright flashes of light out of nowhere and even channel them into energy blasts), sand (she can conjure, control and even turn herself into sand) and is given the power of vision and prophecy. Like Zack, she also must include the name of a mythological being or figure when she wields her power (e.g. to use her light power, she says "By the light of Ra"). She is generally a kind, sensitive and cultured young lady, one who both her comrades can rely on, even though she is often at odds with Zack. But because she's always been a good student, and because the Tiara gives her access to a large amount of knowledge, she tends to be a bit of a know-it-all from time to time. When she invokes the Tiara's magic, she transforms into a taller, more developed woman wearing Egyptian royal clothing. Her voice is also more soothing and seductive. To transform, she puts 2 fingers on her tiara and exclaims "By the Desert Sands!" and she is surrounded by a sudden sandstorm and changes. Her name is based on Egypt’s third largest city which is also home to Egypt’s most famous monuments.

Neil Gardas (The one on the left) - The youngest of the three "heroes" and the wearer of the Pendant of Asgard. When he calls forth the pendant's power, he becomes able to summon snowstorms, speak to animals and fight with skills he never learned. Naturally, like his friends, he must call the names of figures of his new natural mythology (e.g. to use his ice powers, he says "By the breath of Fenrir"). Neil is young, but he is also rather sensible, as he does better at thinking things through. But at times, he will often act his age, this is when he jumps in without thinking and gets himself and his friends in danger. He is still, however, definitely the glue that holds the group together. He is also the one who both Zack and Ivy go to, when they want to ventilate about the other. When he invokes the pendant's power, he transforms into a taller Viking, nuff said. His voice actually becomes a little raspier, but still booming. To transform, he grabs the pendant, holds it in the air and shouts "For Asgard! For Valhalla, For Odin" and then a snowstorm appears out of nowhere, freezes him in a block of Ice and he breaks out, fully transformed. His name is an anagram of the word; Asgard, home of the Norse gods.
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