New and Current MisfitTech Studios Logo Picture

The current version of the "MisfitTech Studios" logo, also the third version of the symbol itself. This version is much bigger than the previous, at 2048x2048, making it more detailed for the pictures inside the letters.

Also, you might notice the kanji or kana is different. It basically translates to "Misfit". Also you might have noticed in both versions one of the "eyes" of the "face" is blue, the other is red. This is meant to symbolize the dual unity between good and evil, as one can't exist without the presence of the other [in theory anyways >.>].

Also, newly added to the eyes are two symbols. The circular one over the red eye represents "order", and the one over the blue eye represents "chaos". You'll also noticed they're sorta burned or tattooed into the face this time.

Also the texturing for the different sections of the pentagon, pentagram and "face" are more detailed and improved as opposed to mere gradients like in the previous image. You'll also notice that not all of the different sections are exactly identical colors. Some purple segments appear with blue ones on the outer pentagon, and some greens and even oranges appear with the inner pentagram.

Also of course, as with the previous image, each letter is filled with either a character or an image. This time however, I decided to forgo the backgrounds and almost exclusively focus on characters, with the exception of the "O" at the bottom, still represented by my 28-Star Dragonball. Additionally, some characters managed to hold on to positions on the image, a few even within the same places as before, although they appear differently now.

First "M": Vegeta and Goku from "Dragonball"
First "I": Stone Cold Steve Austin of WWE/WWF fame.
First "S": Iris Sepperin from "Rosenkreuzstilette"
First "F": Canary/Canal Vorfeed/Vorfield from "Lost Universe" [retaining a place from the previous picture, but in a different place
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