Against the Flames Picture

The dark flames of the intruders marched onward, if left unchecked they would consume everything. Where once was a land lush and pristine, they would leave only ruin. She rose with the dawn, a bolt of gold gleaming in the light; Daybreak's Arrow. She circled the field of battle on vast wings, ready to fight tooth and claw for her home.

Let them come, they cannot win. These are my lands, and I shall not let them win!

Some more killing time in drawing class with the oil pastels. Alas, the photo doesn't do this one justice at all. Both this and the Starfox one were done on a 18x24 inch pad with oil pastels, in about an hour and a half. The dragon is an old character of mine. And by old, I mean before I had Net access old. She was supposed to feature in an original story I never got around to writing, but oh well. I still like her, and I felt like drawing a dragon when I did this piece
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