Survivors Picture

Eclipse and Nova have been on the run a long time. After losing their parents in the mobs of people after the apocalypse begain, Eclipse made it his goal to protect is sister. They stay hidden because they are special. Born of day and night, they possess incredible gifts. Eclipse can summon orbs of Sunlight and Moonlight and throw them light projectiles, which either burn or freeze its victim. Nova's powers are yet to be fully opened. All she knows is where Eclipse is the balance of night and day, she is the Chaos. Both siblings powers are highly effected by their emotions. They also bear marks because of these gifts. Eclipse's hands bear the color of the light he can summon and Nova's body is covered in dots of Orange and Blue.

During their travels, the siblings were seperated for 2 years. During these two years, Nova met Hecate. Hecate, although not born of light, was born of pure blackness. She began teaching Nova about her powers and Nova is beginning to learn what she can do. After a long search Eclipse finds his sister, who when first sees him, is furious why he left her. Eventually she calms and thanks him for finding her.

When Eclipse first meets Hecate, he hates her. He feels she is a bad influence for his sister, being as she is darkness. However, as time goes on, he learns of her kindness and eventually falls in love with her.

(the only mark on Hecate is her eyes)

Eclipse and Nova: me!

Hecate: Greek Mythology, but based off flabbergastedness' version of her
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