Fleur as Anaraxete Picture

Firstly credit to Chaos-Pixellz for the base.

Also I don't own Fleur, J.K.Rowling does.
[explanation, Look at [Hermione]'s Picture to find out.]

(Who is Anaraxete, well she's from Greek Mythology,
and she was a Greek Princess, from where no idea, but she was cruel to all her "lovers" and admirers. There was one Iphis who was madly in love with her, the whole head over heels thing, and she ignored him and didnt give a nod of her head in his direction, Iphis was so upset that he killed himself. And she was so cold and unmoved by his death that the mighty Aphrodite turned her into stone, cool huh?)

' "Well that's a fitting couple pairing isn't it?" Fern laughed and nudged Ginny so she would look.
"Fleur is who?"
"She's Anaraxete, which means she's a cold hearted tease"
Fleur turned around and pointed her finger in Fern's face, "I am not cold hearted"
"but you make people kill themselves."
"i dont so on purpose."
Roger looked uncomfortable near Fleur, and turned quickly and fled from her side.
"ROGER!" she yelled and ran after him.'

Look for the next girls in there Famous Couple Pairing Costume.
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