Sonic Supreme 136 Picture

And we're back again! This was yet another difficult issue to work on. I'm unfortunately not good at creating backgrounds with Paint alone. I'd draw them by hand, but the computer doesn't do a good job when it comes to scaling them properly. I think I last tried doing a handrawn background with Empire City, and it wasn't perfect in the conversion to digital. I may have to try again though for future sagas.

In the meantime, let's see what this issue has to offer! Like a lot of the Arabian Nights Saga, I thought I had a lot more time to take on what I wanted, but with only ten issues and limited resources, I was hit hard by what I could and could not include. For example, we have the marid djinn, obviously based off of Chaos. They are actually a part of Arabian mythology, and they came out a lot better than I predicted when making the design, but I couldn't really find a good use for them, not at the pace this saga has to go.

However, I'm very happy with Erazor's design. It's a shame I can never use him in the comics, but I'm so happy with the look, I may find ways to sneak him in again.
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