The Edge of Forever Picture

Last week, several semi-catastrophic events culiminated into a my closest brush with suicide in years.

This poem is about that, but, in many ways, is extremely experimental.

In many forms of epic poetry and old-fashioned writing, references to mythology, popular culture, history, the Bible, and so on were used to fashion a better-sounding work. In this experimental poem, I have done just that -- only the references are modern, and from the Twentieth Century.

The title and the reference to Carl Sagan is a homage to the latter's seminal work from 1980, Cosmos. The last sentence of the chapter of the book on black holes and other mysterious phenomena, called "The Edge of Forever," runs like this: Standing on the edge of Forever, we might simply jump off... Combining this powerful metaphor with "The Brink of Time," a swirling black chaos where all of Time intersects in the SNES game Chrono Trigger, and thus the nucleus of this poem was born.

The reference to Maduin and Madonna should be obvious to any SNES gamer: it's the beautiful scene where Maduin, the Esper, and Madonna the mortal virgin, make love and give birth to Terra, all from Final Fantasy VI. Again, I'm using a modern reference to embellish a work.

The inspiration, obviously, came from obscure and rather mixed sources, but suicide is a devestatingly difficult issue to put into any sort of perspective, much less a poetic/artisitc one, and I had to go with what ended up coming to me.

I am very pleased with this work, despite its difficult conception and surreal structure.
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