Realm of Insanity title 1 Picture

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Here is a drawing I made of some of the first few Realm of Insanity characters , which is, for people who don't know, my comic series. Click to see[link] Yes, for those familiar with the Realm in real life, I didn't put the actual members, but I'll make a new one, once I learn how to draw everyone comic style (Darn Glasses, so hard to draw)

Here is the Shown Cast
Eris is the Goddess of Dischord, her hobbies include causing chaos (of course). She is most prominant in Greek mythology, with Discordians, and the show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
This is me in comic book form. Baisically this is just me to the 10th power, in terms of short attention span, hyperactivity, and inability to cook. In the series I live in a randiom dorm/house with Mr.Flibbles.
Armstrong III
This is my flute Armstrong III, a Yamaha. To describe Armstrong's personality, you would have to think of an extremely naive 4 year old. The Penguins are currently trying to harness the power of naivity, with no avail.
This is LordKaen's Gemienhardt brand flute. Zeus is a very narcisistic kind of person, and would have to be described as, a collage guy. To get the idea of his ego's size, he named himself Zeus, for the record.
Mr. Flibbles (The penguin Deflecting the blasterbolt with a lightsaber) of the show Red Dwarf has taken a break from Stardom and now has settle in with Alex, most of the time it is Flibbles keeping Alex out of trouble, most of the time.
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