NTC: Vision of a New Wind Volume. 1 Picture

The journey begins. The Epic, action-adventure, mythological fantasy starts with ONE. A glorious job conveyed to me by deviantART Artist TheSwanMaideN


I must thank her for all her hard work and impeccable work to create this cover. She is a one of a kind artist. Without her help, this reality wouldn't be taking shape, and would remain an imagination. All my thanks to you.


At Earth's creation, Chaos was at its peak. The Water flooded the lands. The Fires burned what the Water could not reach, the Wind sought to split the fighting apart. Lightning struck the planet and buried through the Earth's crust, crippling the other elements. The forces of Darkness and Light dueled for control of the planet. It didn't take long for these six elements to join forces outside of their own kind, creating new monstrous abominations to fight the other Six.

Seven forms. Seven forms driven by nature and emotion. Represented by just a Greek letter, they soon took the shape of creatures that would walk our world; But on a much grander scale. A race of super creatures that tore our Earth apart in their beastly forms, until a seven fold technique that silenced them all.

Tonzou Ex Nihlio. Chaos Created From Nothing. The iconic lifeforce of energy that thrives on the nature of elements and the emotion of those who wield its power.

The series, influenced by Japanese Manga design and inspired by genres and arts that have influenced me all my life, begins with the eponymous Nightshade. A seeming-less unstoppable race of Demigods. Ritualized to live their lives without a Heart, these individuals carry a powerful "Tonzou energy" represented by their last name. Enter Tojiro Ankoku.

The year is 1600. Without a memory of yesterday's past, Tojiro is accused and captured the G.D.R.M. (Government of Dimensional Ruling Ministries.) The totalitarian leader, Percival Maestro, delivers Tojiro's sentence: For the murder of Eight-thousand, five hundred and seventy-two people: A global genocide across the major continents. Daring an escape, Tojiro is unable to recollect a single memory of this supposed crime. Along his lonely path as a decorated bringer of woe and darkness, Tojiro is just one "Tonzou User" amongst hundreds more; Many afraid...and some not at all. Finding hope, finding friends, finding the truth...is his only path.

Tonzou Ex Nihlio.


Copyright and Ownership belongs to Simon Hillin
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