Egyptian God Set, but I am cruel Picture

Let me explain: Set was a … is? is a God who was once a pharaoh. As far as I understand it he was a pharaoh for nearly one hundred years before his strangely born nephew finally overthrew him with assistance from a few other Gods, Set included. Why tell you this? Well, for two reasons, really: One> I've been obsessing over Egyptian history/mythology, and boy-howdy do I wanna share. And Two> You see the symbol painted on Set's eye? That's the Eye of Horus. So, since Horus was the one who overthrew him, and the one he had a 80 year battle over rights to the throne with, I am not a nice person.
Next symbol! The Ankh most people will recognize. For purposes of this is too long already I will sum it's meaning up as "life." Slight irony as he was (his brother/the god of the underworld) Osiris' murderer, BUT he was savior in the desert and God of Oasis there. So without Set, you would die in the desert. He actually protected life A LOT. Next symbol!!! The bottom one on his ear (the Ankh being the top part of the ear) is called Amenta, which is the underworld where Set travels on the sun barge with Amun-Ra (or just Ra) to defend him from the Chaos God Apep. That's right. Set is NOT the god of Chaos, though people sometimes mistake him for, or associate him with the god of Chaos. He also travels to the Underworld to Carry Osiris on his back. Fun story, some other time. The red feather on his hair… um… tie? is actually, well, a feather, and a symbol of Pharaoh. Which he believes himself to be the true Pharaoh over Horus the Younger. The last few symbols I'll be telling you about are these: The round thing I forget the name of 'cause it's late is actually symbolic of eternity and was often found around the sun disk. Pharaohs would have these with their names printed on them symbolizing their eternal-ness. Anyway, is late for me. Too late.

Just remember this for me:
Set is not an evil god. Let's just say, without Set aspects, you are not balanced, and we all know what Anubis does with unbalanced hearts. u_u
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