The Void Lord Picture

Behold the Void Lord when all of it's 7 other Enbodiments come and fuse. Erebus the Dark, Chaos the Will, Cthulu the Imaginative, Quetzalcoatl (Q) the Wrathful, Apophis the Mad, Atlas the Mighty and Rahu the Lustful. All 7 beings of the Void combined into the one true Void Enbodiment! Darkness incarnate, the Empty Space which now has a conscious. Seeking nothing, but the destruction of all Creation and Life itself. What has caused it to go on this rampage? Why does it seek the destruction of everything? Can this Void Lord be stopped? No one knows... But the only way to destroy darkness is to fill it with Light.

Nigh-Omnipresence (Can will itself wherever just by think about it... I guess this would be some strange form of teleporting?)
Nigh-Omniscience (except knowledge over the future, and other things)
Power over the Primordial Darkness
Omnimalevolent (All Evil, but is this claim true?)
Void Energy Manipulation, and Conversion
Nigh Creation and Destruction Abilities
And looks absolutely awesome.

Hope you like it and hope you can read it at least! Also notice how the 7 Enbodiments are named after Mythological Beings and Deities of darkness and chaos. Thought it'd be cool to utilize them as Enbodiments of the Void Lord. Hope you all do like it and I know there may be errors so please do point it out. Like always here you go.

P.S - Also I still don't know how the category systems completely works so yes... Sorry.
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