Aqua Picture

This paintings feature a seventh ishta-deva of mine. The deity is Varuna, the Indian god of water and the oceans, who is also associated with cosmic order and the underworld (and underwater world). In this case, this is my interpretation of Varuna. Here Varuna is the god associated with the side of me that is fascination with structure (including patterns and geometric stuff) and with water and aquatic stuff (and thus my watery side), and is kind, gentle, reflective, deep, soulful, mystical, and receptive towards personal peace.

The dragon is a reference to Makara, Varuna's mount, as well as the fact that dragons are associated with water in Eastern culture, especially Japan. The cobra on Varuna's head is his connection to the power of the serpent and to chthonic energies, to symbolize his mythological link with dark forces and the underworld and that he is compatible with my spirituality and can relate to my self as a whole and the rest of my personal deities. Come to think of it, the dragons and serpents still represent primal chaos and the waters of chaos and creation are a good metaphor for the universe, and this also taps into Varuna represent my mystical and philosophical traits and thought. He holds the yin and yang symbol in the form of a pearl (I call it the Onmyo Pearl) to represent his eye for balance as well as that he can be light and also dark, a glowing cube with geometric patterns to represent fascination with structure, and a lotus for personal peace, a soft spot for love, and kindness to those who I want to be kind to. Finally, Varuna is nude for non-lustful reasons, rather more solitary and playful reasons, and a freedom to be open without being judged, a freedom that can only be shared with a true love.

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