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Sigvaldi is a character that I've been excited about for a while... also King Law, but we'll get to him. For a little while I was toying with giving the old Wight's names like Law has... Back in the day I had many characters with words for names and I thought I could do it again but it fell flat for the same reasons I changed all those names the first time around.

But I still wanted the names for the old Wights to stand out. And inspired by the draugers of Skyrim I decided that the old Wights would be vikings, and be themed after Norse mythology. So I took the name that I didn't end up calling him (which was "Wild" as a contract for "Law") and punched it into a viking name generator that my friend found. More specifically when I put in "Wild Wight" it gave me Sigvaldi Adigard. And yes it gives "Adigard" every time you punch in Wight and I damn well love the name. Alfarin, the name that is Law's "original" name is also from the same generator and was the results for "Law".

But all that stuff aside, Sigvaldi is a really fun character to write. There are many parallels to characters I already have but all rolled into one to produce a new whole. Sigvaldi is chaos, rebellion, and "evil because it's fun" all rolled into one. He's Azgrut, he's Alaster, he's Arthur. He's the first Wight necromancer, so early into the family that he was from before they were known as the Wights. And in the Norse mythology theme he's Loki.
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