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I Needed to desperately update my App, and considering the last App didn't have a photo of his pigeon Cher Ami I decided to make a new one. This is what he looks like without his jacket, but he still does wear it all the time. I Also added a year to his age so now instead of being 415.7 years old, he's now 416.7

“Toxic” Sol Salisk

•Age: 416.7 years old

•Height: 5’3”

•Creature: Basilisk

•Personality: A Spunky Basilisk who thinks he’s invincible but really he isn’t. He also has the habit of calling everyone he meets ‘Kid’ instead of their name. However despite having been rescued by a human, Toxic still shows an extreme dislike towards any human he meets, even if they have the ability to cast magic themselves, sometimes going as far as to ignore them completely. He’s extremely loyal to anyone he considers a friend and, after years of depending on his ‘owner’ Satel, he may even take a command or too from them if he feels they could be trusted enough

Weapons: He carries around two antler knives and a lever repeating rifle. One of the knives belonged to his father and rarely uses it in battle, only keeping it close for sentimental reasons. The second knife you see in his hand is his main fighting dagger he uses when he needs to fight in close quarters. His last weapon is a repeating rifle that he frequently uses to defend himself. It’s named Vulpecula in memory of his late Fiancé.

•History: Sol Salisk was born in a small treehouse-like village in Eterna Forest, a deeply forested and mountainous region. Since Eterna Forest served as a refuge for ‘mythological beings’, known as ‘Therios’, who are trying to hide from the humans that had been enslaving them as servants and instruments of war, the villagers have to hunt and gather what food they can find to live off of. Sol’s father, Mani Salisk, was not only the chief of their small Basilisk clan, but he is one of the rebel leaders trying to overthrow King Hati of Nabita to liberate the Therios of slavery.

When Sol was still a child, his mother Alya was captured by slave traders when she was outside her village gathering supplies and then executed in hopes that her husband Mani would come out of hiding to retaliate. Unbeknownst to Hati, Mani had already managed to organize a massive attack on the humans and struck the city of Nabita the next night, setting fire on whatever buildings they could manage to break in, freeing as much slaves as they could and essentially murdered countless of humans and their families before the Nabita army had grasped sense of what happened and retreated back to Eterna Forest. Furious of the attack as well as fearing the possibility this may prompt the Therios in slavery to begin an uprising of their own within the city’s walls, King Hati ordered his troops to capture all the basilisks they could find.

Unfortunately, Sol and Mani were among the basilisks that the Nabita army was able to capture that weren’t dead by suicide or in battle as they raided their tiny village and brought back to the King. To serve as a warning to those who would ever dare try again to defy the king, he ordered Mani to be publically executed in the center of town, not only in front of the citizens and slaves of Nabita, but Sol as well as he was forced to watch helplessly as his father was killed. In a twist of fate, instead of executing Mani’s son as well, King Hati, had decided to send Sol off to another city were he was suppose to be sold to a gladiator tournament where therios are pitted against each other to battle to the death.

Before he had the chance to leave town, Sol tried to turn against his captors but was brutally flogged and beaten when a noble interfered and purchased the badly injured Basilisk. Little did the slaver dealer knew, the noble Satel was there to rescue Sol from being killed in the tournament since he had heard about the execution of his father and was secretly a Therio sympathizer, only wishing to see the day where the Therios will no longer be consider property and slaves. Due to Sol’s lack of trust, he was a bit suspicious of his savior as well as his lupine servant girl named Guadalupe who Satel had sent in to tend to Sol’s injuries and speak in place of the nobleman but eventually he gave in and started to work for Satel’s aviation company in building and test-flying aircraft the shop makes.

Adopting the name ‘Toxic’ to avoid Satel’s clients from recognizing his given birth name, the basilisk began to travel with Satel not only around the city but other neighboring cities as well to help him sell his air craft before eventually stopping at one town where he met Vulpus Aster. Vulpus was a young water dragon who worked at the inn Satel and Toxic were staying as a waiter and cook, but against his owner’s wishes, he also solicits his body to male clients to try to bring in extra money to help the inn make their payments. Since Satel had to make multiple of visits to this town, Toxic was able to mingle and hang out with Vulpus so much, the inn’s manager and Vulpus’ ‘Owner’ (she sees herself more like an adoptive mother instead of a master) Madame Justine took notice and convinced Vulpus to take time off of his work waiting on tables and cooking in the kitchen to spend time with Toxic whenever he was in town. She even at one point traveled with Vulpus all the way to where Satel lived to have Vulpus visit the basilisk. However, due to Vulpus’ weak body from stress, the young dragon was always prone to falling ill so frequently that Toxic feared the worse. Finally, Toxic proposed to Vulpus, making him his Fiancé.

Shortly after the proposal, Vulpus succumbed to his illness and died with Toxic t his bedside, sending the heartbroken Basilisk into a spiral of blind rage and blamed it on the King Hati. In fact Toxic flew an airplane out of Satel’s hanger and attempted to fly solo into the castle to assassinate the king, but the air force around the castle shot Toxic down before he could do any damage. Although injured, Toxic managed to crawl all the way back to Satel’s house a few days later where to his horror found the whole house ransacked and his hanger of airplanes burned down by angry citizens who believed that Satel was the one responsible for making Toxic go and try to attack the king. To Toxic’s surprise, Satel wanted Toxic to stay with him and Guadalupe, but the basilisk knew that if Satel was caught hiding Toxic, surely he would be put to death so after he had gathered up what little belongings he had, Toxic bid farewell to Satel and Guadalupe and left to flee out of town. Upon arrival at the train station, Toxic noticed something amiss with one of the trains there as it seemed that no one took notice of its existence. Before questioning where that particular train was heading to, Toxic jumped on board and decided to take the risk since the Nabita security realized that Toxic was wanted and attempted to detain him. He vows to return someday though to Nabita. . .

•Skills: Toxic is fully capable of piloting an airplane. In battle, he is also a knife-fighter and marksman, learning both his skills from his time when he use to hunt for deer with a bow and arrow and cutting the venison to carry-able sizes to take back to the village. Although Toxic is a basilisk, despite common belief that his species type can kill with a look of his eyes, this is false. Instead, he has the unique ability to exhale an extremely deadly venom into the air in the form of potent vapor droplets. One can tell they are being poisoned by Toxic’s venom attack if they begin to experience a bitter sodium bicarbonate taste in their mouths before being shortly followed after by inability to breathe without a severe burning sensation to their lungs.

•Weaknesses: Being exposed to a cool or cold environment, it will not only severely slow him down, but it can result in him going unconscious if he is in the cold environment for a prolonged period of time. Wind and ventilation is also an enemy to his Etir venom since the poison droplets need to stay suspended in the air to quickly poison his foes. Also, Toxic cannot read, his years of living in a forest and then in the slavery markets made him illiterate. While interestingly enough he can write his own name, he has no idea how to actually read since it's nothing more than a mess of lines to Toxic. Satel was the one who taught Toxic how to write his name for use of Document signing.

Health: 228
Attack: 298
Defense: 218

•Likes: Very warm and sunny temperatures where he can just sit in and sun bath. Pranking the other passengers, his pet pigeon

•Dislikes: Has an extreme distrust towards humans, even those granted with magic abilities, seeing others being incarcerated as slaves

•Misc. Facts:
-The red streaks in his hair are naturally occurring highlights his hair produces.
-Toxic is openly gay and sometimes would flirt with the other males to make them feel uncomfortable (remarks depend on the OK of the other character’s creators), especially if they are not really gay themselves.
-Unknown to him, Toxic also contracted the same illness that had killed Vulpus, however, being a different species, the disease is slowly taking its affect on Toxic so the basilisk is unaware he has it.
-His pigeon Cher Ami is named after a famous pigeon from WW1 when her "Lost Battalion" 77th Infantry Division was not only surrounded by Enemy Germans, but taking heavy fire from allied troops that wasn't aware they were trapped. She was shot down by the Germans, but miraculously she managed to take flight again on her own and, despite losing sight to one eye and losing her right leg, got the message to headquarters to cease the Friendly Fire and come rescue the Lost Battalion.
-Toxic cannot read or write words since he had no use for such a skill back when he use to live in Eterna Forest.
-However, strangely enough he can read numbers and mathematical equations
-Mo-Fo can't swim worth of shit (he will sink like a rock)

- Cher Ami- A normal pigeon Toxic found when he explored his first world that the Train docked at. Upon stepping out of the train and on to the heavily Art Deco- influenced train station among rows of other seemingly other-worldly double-decker trains, he found his new friend among a flock of other pigeons. It seems that the street smarts this pigeon had told her that Toxic is no threat to her, so she surprisingly allowed him to pick her up and carry her around Downtown Los Angeles and even as far down South as San Diego to see a marine park. In no way she could speak since she is just an ordinary rat with wings, but she is very visual in trying to tell Toxic what she wants. Due to her being a normal pigeon, Toxic tends to leave her behind to her own device on The Train when he goes out on his misadventures with Kotsuzui in fear she might get left behind in the world or worse hurt beyond repair, but you never see Toxic without his beloved pet on his shoulder inside The Train.

•Mission Titles:

~Hero of Anelia
~Seeker of The Night
~SS Completionist '14
~Santa's Little Helper
~Fancy Footwork
~Conqueror of Chaos
~Mustache Master

•RP Sample:
Toxic: *Couldn't stop thinking about the hurt expression he saw Vulpus had before he had ran out of the Meeting hall as he tried to sleep. In fact, the basilisk didn't even get any sleep at all through the night. Sighing heavily, he sat up on his bed, staring at the sword Fuego had given to him laying against the wall. Next to it was the small bag of Yarn. He had to reconcile with Vulpus but the thought of his father and clan that he had barely reunited with shunning him still plauged his mind. What would his father and mother think if they found out their son had feelings not just a dragon, but another man? It was killing him inside to be without him but at the same time disappointing his clan. Finally making up his mind, Toxic got up and grabbed his jacket, going out into the woods*

Toxic: *The Basilisk couldn't bear to hear Vulpus crying, let alone hearing those cursed words.* No-Nosense, Vulpus- Babe. . . Please *slipping a hand underneath his chin and gently forced the Suyaryu to look up at him. Those puffy red eyes only served more ice-cold pangs to his heart as he shakily brushed his bangs to the side of his face out of his eyes and trailed his hand down his cheek, tracing his jawline down to his chin again* Please. . .
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