Sigalot And Mangaragan Picture

This is another artwork I did for our monthly Fun-Draw contest for another board that I frequent.

The topic is "Godly Designs." Basically the theme is we take a deity from any mythology/folklore, and draw them and what their Super Robots will look like when they take on evil hordes of demons and enemies.

I took a deity from my country (Philippines), and her name is "Mangaragan." She is the Philippine Goddess of War. Her robot is called "Sigalot" which means chaos or anarchy.

Mangaragan is dressed in Igorot tribal attire and colors. She carries a "sibat" or spear as her primary weapon. Mangaragan is a ruthless goddess, and brings war to the land.

Her Super Robot, Sigalot is a fitting mech to support her. He is armed with a "kris" (a sword with a shape that signifies lightning), and his hat (called "salakot" can be removed to be used as a weapon, or shield). He is unrelenting as his mistress.

This took me approximately 5 days to finish-in between busy scheds and laziness.

Also, this is one of those rare attempts of mine doing colored work, so the colors are not something I can brag about.

Medium used includes graphite pencil, pigma-brush, and water colors.

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy!

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