Only for the Fairest Picture

Kinda a combo of stories/myths my older sister Amber helped me with the idea.

Since snow whit was all the rage with those two movies and all the apple was stuck on my brain and when amber heard greek myth she told me about the golden apple of chaos or discord (which i thought was just a cursed apple) but she told me it was meant for the fairest godess (Aphrodite) but Hera and Athena I guess got mad about that and she said it was said to have led to the trojan war.

Hearing the fairest part she said I could put the words as not only a refrence as to whom the apple in greek mythology was meant for but the famous line in any good snow white story (: thus came my golden apple flecked with the red which could be blood from the war that was caused by this apple or because the apple in snow white tends to be red. (: either way I think it looks cool I hope you do to
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