Grimlock :3 Picture

I've just always wanted to do a character named Grimlock!! I mean, it's such a cool name!!! Anyway, another piece from marker rendering class. This is Grimlock. He's half Chaos Deomn and half Gremlin and loves blowing things up and just generally causing havoc every where he goes. Only problem? he got arrested and sent to jail for his numerous crimes. Well, the good news is he's been given a chance to redeam himself by working for the cops and taking down supernaturally powered criminals. Yeah, simmilar plots have been done before (Cyber City Oedo, Mod Squad...), but I just couldn't help myself!! Anyway, Grimlock is super smart due to the fact that he's half Gremlin and, in my mythology at least, Gremlins have an average IQ of about 200. Grimlock is a genius with an IQ of about 257. Why are Gremlins so smart, you ask? because they are creatures who use our own technology against us, so they must be super smart! Yeah, I know, "bad, insane rule rewriter person...."
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