McWorker Picture

McWorker, a character that will be in the world that Ralph is in (still need a name for that series)

When he turned 16 he got a job at McBurger. He was a very happy worker. He'd come in, stay late, always give it his all. After a while however, he started hearing voices. Voices that only he could hear. Eventually, the combination of the constant voices speaking to him, and the demand of fast food labor drove him insane. He came to the store overnight, went into the sewer, and dug under it (it will make sense in the comic, just go with it for now) and discovered a buried Aztec temple ( This story will have to take place in Texas or something, so that can be close to what could actually happen) that housed the angry souls of the dead. Upon seeing the horrors of ancient power and knowledge, his mind collapsed. He managed to come back from insanity however, and still works at the McBurger, constantly hearing the voices. His personality is now cold and serious. And he hates Chaos. Seeing the Choatic power of the unknown he wants to destroy all forms of Chaos. Which is why he hates Ralph. Ralph will come into the McBurger (it's across from his work) and McWorker can feel the Chaos flowing from Ralph. He can't tell Ralph is a demon, but he can feel the dark power within Ralph. He will try to kill Ralph. I don't ever see him returning to normal. I think McWorker will stay insane for the entire series.

So Aztec symbols behind him. Some kind of serpent thing, Mictlan (Death god in Aztec mythology), and of course Quetzalcoatl.
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