Erik 'C. Dragon' Jenson Picture

This is the rough pencil line art of a new character I am working on. He is the first of two humans I plan on adding to the super hero knight group that yours truly, D. Dan, is in. ^\/^.

This character is named Erik Jenson by whom has a nickname 'C. Dragon' due to his ability to shape shift to other animals. Though he can change into a number of natural occurring animals, due to his mythical Scandinavian heritage and inherited crystal pendant, his favorite, and specialty, is that of a dragon. ^\/^.

His weapon specialty is that of the scythe which is in the shape of a dragon with an elongated wing as the blade. He uses a scythe since he comes from a long line of warriors that have protected royal and other great tombs and burial sites from raiders. They also assisted in other duties such as shepherding souls to the after life and acted, on occasion, as an assisted defense to the gates that lead to Asgard. ^\/^.

Erik's training in specializing in the defense against demons and other foul beasts. His personality is that of a cool headed person that likes to listen to rap and crunk. Even though he is generally cool headed at times, under the right conditions, he can loose his cool and become like a fiery tempest of chaos unleashed. Those conditions are hard to meet though since he is slow to anger, even under most battles. It tends to bother and nerve his enemies at how he never seems to change his expression from the start of battle to the end. And no, he is not an emo. LOL.

The idea for this character comes from the human form of [link] from whom I had received permission to utilize the characteristics of said ideas from the human form of his fursona for this picture. Thanks dude. LOL. ^\/^.

Obviously still unfinished. Need to work on the chain better and get to some other details. A good critique would be nice before I start inking this baby. And it is in Anime or Manga style. As such it is not meant to look like a realistic human. I am terrible at those and I can not even begin to describe how deformed they can get at times when I go for realistic human heads and figures. LOL. ^\/^.
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