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This is a cute, little, hyper-enthusiastic American boy named Patrick Affeber, or Ricky. Oh, also, he's a genius. And, he's cousins with a certain Ulrich Stern of Code Lyoko.

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Real Name: Patrick Nathaniel Affeber
Notable Aliases: Ricky, Einstein Junior, Supergenius, Super Nerd
Gender: Male
Relation: Ulrich's cousin
Age: 6 (average S1-time), 7 (S2), 8 (S3&4) (DOB: 07-04-1998)
Nationality: US (in a small town near NYC)
Intellect: Jeremie's level, below Aelita's level
Demeanor of: Naturally, his own age (OK, maybe a year lower)
Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Physical appearance: A weakling of a kid with light brown hair and blue eyes. In Seasons 1 and 2, he wears a red Old Army™ American flag tee and blue jeans at day, and footsie pajamas in bed. In Seasons 3 and 4, he wears an open red Yankees hoodie jacket over a white tee similar to his old one, similar jeans, and a small navy backpack at day, and baseball jersey-like pajamas to bed.

Personality: Ricky has a strong innocence, but he can also be a bit rash and immature at times. He also has one pure imagination, and he strongly believes in magic and miracles, which branches out to such beliefs as in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Even so, there is one thing he fears most: heights. All the same, he can be rather loveable. A few character flaws of his includes his love of the spotlight, which leads to an immature display of jealousy any time he winds up yesterday's news. He can also tend to be a tad impulsive, which once led to Odd being cloned 3 ways (long story).

He may not understand girls (in fact, he finds them, in general, to be downright weird), but he knows an ideal couple when he sees one in the making. He's a Jeremie/Aelita and Ulrich/Yumi supporter, but his constant hinting is rather annoying to the couples. He likes using nicknames for people--Jeremie = Jerry, Aelita = (Ae)Leetie (her nickname was dropped come Season 3), Ulrich = Cousin (or Cuz, and sometimes Season 3 and onward, just Ulrich), etc. Not that he has trouble saying their names, it's just that he likes using those nicknames. The one thing he likes least about the idea of being in France: it starts with "es" and ends with "cargo." They eat snails? he thinks. Yuck!

Background: Ricky was born to Eugene and Mary Affeber while Ulrich was 6. He was diagnosed with Rapid Brain Development Syndrome (or RBDS), a brain "disorder" (for lack of a more appropriate term) that put his mental development pattern on hyper drive, shortly after birth. Occasionally, he can let his supergenius IQ of 217 go to his head (pun not intended), but he does mean well. About a year before his first appearance on the show, Ricky was also diagnosed with a highly mild case of ADHD. Though most of the symptoms don't show, he is displays the chief signs of hyperactive nature and impulsiveness, if you look for it. Ricky has been skipped two grades (attended kindergarten at 4 and skipped 1st grade), his guidance counselor deciding two was enough, so no farther than that.

By the third grade, Ricky was suggested for a foreign exchange program, and he managed to tweak the circumstances to end up in an elementary school not far from his older cousin's boarding school in France. On his first day at Pasteur Elementary, he became fast friends with 7-year-old Hiroki Ishiyama, who shares a common interest with him on video games, cartoons, outsmarting Jim, pulling pranks on Sissi (Lizzie, or the Wicked Witch of the Western Europe) and William (Billy), and the potential romance between their older sibling and cousin... much to their annoyance.

Ricky wanted to learn everything about his cousin's life at Kadic and France. However, he was sure he was holding something major back (i. e. the factory and Lyoko), and he finds his Ulrich's actions very mysterious. When he inadvertently tells his exchange parents, they get worried and sign Ulrich up for a counselor. Problem is that the counselor is keeping a constant eye on him, which could prove fatal to the secret of Lyoko.

When X.A.N.A. attacks, Ulrich as no choice but to take Ricky to the factory and leaves him with Jeremie. They are all sure that he'll forget after the return to the past; however, he programs the computer not to erase his memory while Jeremie isn't looking. This, of course, has a plus side, because Ricky doesn't tell his exchange parents that stuff, Ulrich doesn't get signed up for counseling, and they have an occasional substitute genius. However, he is still vulnerable to attacks, which X.A.N.A. has taken advantage of in "Little Park of Horrors" by attacking him and his classmates on a field trip to lure the Lyoko warriors into the trap seen in the actual Code Lyoko episode, "Ghost Channel."

One of the most notable things he helped with was the materialization they came to create and call "Code Earth" by the end of the school year. He left for Quasarville, NY for the summer on the disappointing note that Aelita was still linked to Lyoko and had to stay and watch for pulsations. Upon returning for the fourth grade, he found out that Jeremie Belpois had done it again! Along with some really cool virtual vehicles, he'd programmed a super scanner to instantly detect pulsations for Aelita, so she could stay on Earth whenever she wasn't deactivated towers until her anti-virus was made. It was around this time that his little sister, Sandy, was born.

Ricky's first Season 2 story was "Birthday Bash," a oneshot story in which he and his classmates threw a birthday party for Hiroki who had turned 8 that day. At the party, Ricky heard from Ulrich and his friends of the discovery of Sector 5, and he encouraged them to explore further. Ricky would later invoke the wrath of school bully Dennis Nile, who badgered him into surrendering his lunch and doing Nile's homework for him. Ulrich eventually figured out the problem and stood up to Nile. The following Halloween, when the Lyoko gang dressed up in costumes that represented their virtual forms, Ricky went trick-or-treating with Hiroki and friends as Colin Creevey (complete with working camera). He was the one who witnessed Hiroki get possessed by X.A.N.A. and was later bitten by Hiroki, given the ability to materialize monsters with his camera flash.

Ricky stayed in France over the Christmas holiday, eagerly waiting the arrival of Santa Claus. But Jeremie, still stung over a disappointing Christmas he had around Ricky's age, ruined his holiday by insisting that Santa didn't exist, only realizing too late what he'd done. When Jeremie was trapped in a Guardian, materialized not long before X.A.N.A. launched his attack at a mall by possessing a life-sized model of the reindeer Comet, Ricky took over the controls at the supercomputer and virtualized Odd and Aelita. Jeremie apologized for his attitude earlier but still didn't be live in Santa until the Saint Nick himself appeared at the factory. It is revealed that Ricky is a frequent visitor to Santa's official web site (the URL of which is never revealed to the readers).

Towards the middle of the school year, Jeremie programmed a new being named Taileo out of a collage of all the Lyoko warriors' virtual data. Leo was quick to become friends with Ricky and Hiroki and was the one who discovered the program that decoded Franz Hopper's diary! However, he and Ricky left for New York for the summer before either could find out the outcome of its use. Having been filled out on the details via e-mail, they learned that Aelita was Franz Hopper's daughter, there was no virus at all, and Aelita had a stolen fragment hidden in Lyoko, which they recovered. Unfortunately, X.A.N.A. got away with the Keys to Lyoko and escaped the supercomputer, so shutting it down would be useless.

Upon returning to Paris for their fifth year, Ricky dropped the bomb shell on Ulrich that he and Leo were enrolled at Kadic as boarders now! He helped Jeremie try to come up with a way to virtualize their friends into the Internet since he thought actually going into the world wide web would be cool, even compared to what they usually do. However, even he admits it's very hard, and at times, he wondered whether or not they could actually do it.

By midway through the school year, fortunately, Jeremie finally managed to create a virtual submarine to enter the Internet by, and Aelita named their ship Skidbladnir, after the ship of Norse mythology. Ricky played a small part in the Skid's creation (i. e. the NavSkids were his idea), but Mr. and Mrs. Einstein are due most of the credit. Ricky has tried a few things regarding the Skid and the Replikas--single-sector duplicates of Lyoko created by X.A.N.A. throughput the world--such as virtualizing someone directly to a Replika via the Skid's coordinates and creating specter-based incarnations of vehicles for Lyoko warriors that have been teleported to the location of a Replika supercomputer.

During his enrollment at Kadic, Ricky has made a number of small inventions, most of which lead to mild chaos due to shortsightedness. Some of the more lasting inventions include a knockout gas that uses Odd's socks as a chief element and the Memory Retrieval Headband (the M.R.H.), which revives a person's RTTP-wiped memories from selected dates, though its effects can be reversed by another return trip. Known uses of the headband include Jeremie Belpois, Herve Pichon (reversed), Hiroki Ishiyama, and William Dunbar.

One or two people have said this looks a lot like me without the glasses.

EDIT: I modified him a tiny bit. Plus, I gave him quite a few weaknesses to please some people. And he's friends with Hiroki.

EDIT 2: Modified him in light of Season 3. The most change I really made to him was upping his age by about a year to have him attending Kadic Academy.

EDIT 3: Just a few more character modifications and updates.
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