Ultra Squad - Demon War pg. 8 Picture

Panel 1: "Erebus" is the god of darkness from Greek mythology. "Yog-Sothoth" is one of the outer gods from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu tales; he's also known as "Opener of the Way", especially appropriate here. And "Arioch" is the Duke of Chaos from Michael Moorcock's Elric novels.

Panel 3: Yes, Doc Saphire drives a flying car. Why? Because it's cool. Lady Spectra and Mister Mid-Nite have apparently met before, although I don't think we ever got around to actually showing how it happened. Oops.

Panel 4: Mister Mid-Nite guest-starred in an issue of CREW OF THE WANDERLUST, and helped Doc Saphire's daughter Jessica out of a jam.

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