Spectral- Storm Picture

The fastest and wisest of the the Spectral dragons. He doesn't always resort to violence, but is not as docile as the Terra Spectral. Instead of using his weathering abilities, he uses his wit to turn enemies on each other or deter them from causing disasters. If it weren't for Storm and his persuasive personality, Umbral would have caused chaos in the Gaian Legend. Gaians hold Storm in high regard and respect; Storm was meant to be present at the time of Creation and aided Ly in creating Gaia. Gaian religion is strong in all parts. Many signs have surfaced to the Gaians which prove that this religion is more than likely true.
But enough of the Mythology and story behind Gaia and the Spectral Dragons. All the Spectral Dragon pictures were drawn a while ago so they don't exceed my current standards. More pictures to come of the Spectral Dragons.

Spectral Storm (c)
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