Gaia Picture

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In Greek Mythology,
Gaia was considered to be the mother of all the gods and a representation of the Earth. The Romans had an equivalent goddess they refered to as Terra.

As the stories go, Gaia was born after Chaos, which was a dark void [link] She then gave birth to Uranus, and together they brought into existence a group who came to be called the Titans.

There are some interesting stories you can read involving these and I very much enjoyed reading them, found here [link] I just don't feel like typing out the whole story.

I chose to do this piece 1/for practice- I really need it!! 2/ mythology really interests me and 3/this particular Greek myth and goddess held my attention for awhile now.

Time: about an hour
Pencils: 2h, b, 2b

ps yes the hands are terrible. I tried so hard to get them to look good, but you can only erase and re-do so much..
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