Green Set Picture

My unexpected challenge... *insert scream* My goodness... This was a hassle, but I had to finish it, even if I had to rush the end a little. God, if "you" are reading this... I'm sorry.... I totally bombed your mouth. I did it a handful of times, but it got to the point were the paper couldn't be cleaned of its shading anymore...

Tips to others:
- If you are doing a pencil drawing; do it all in one shot... Or is smears like crazy! I had nice little details, and they disappeared. I recommend putting a piece of paper down over it as you do parts to reduce smearing. Also, I don't know what it is called, but you can get a spray that can set the picture when its done. I hope to get one for Christmas.
- Also, I can't believe I am telling this myself, but you can't expect to get it right the first time (or several times). I think after this... I need to step off of my high horse. I can't expect myself to draw things perfect just because I managed two before this. BUT, it was a nice challenge.

Thanks "you" for letting me draw you. It was a difficult one but I learned a lot. I enjoyed it too, except when I failed your mouth. sorry about that again...

As always, I enjoyed the eyes. Originally the eyes were more of a green brown, but I decided to spice them up a bit (plus I lost the color, eye sample I had *fail*). Though when I first saw his eyes I thought they were like a copper green*, but closer up their like mix of brown and green.

I attempted to put silver on the side of his glasses with a silver marker for a unique look but... *adds to "tips"*
- Your scanner doesn't always do a good job...
I'm still a amateur when it comes to PS. So I didn't know how to fix that (maybe I can fix it when I learn).

The background was a pain to find... I still don't really like this one... But it was the best I could get.

The title was suppose to be: "Πράσινος Σήθ," which pretty much translated means: Green Set. Meaning-wise: "In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth...) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos." I thought it would fit because of the "chaos" part (plus green eyes) and other "meanings" too. My Greek friend came up with it.

- I don't own subject; only portrait.
- I don't own background;
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