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I have all this stuff I drew that hasn't been uploaded..... woah.
...yeah. Okay then, so I realized I don't have ANY Oracle Knights stuff up, even though I draw and write a ton of it. It's one of my oldest series and definately a favorite. The series is a fantasy/sci fi about the mortal forms of ancient gods and goddesses and their fight to restore order to Earth. *It takes place during a world wide depression and total chaos brought on by an evil dictator who overthrew the government* Although it has some humour, the series still is intended to be darker with deeper meaning. It can be a hard series to follow at first, but it's all explained as it progresses.
I got the inspiration for this by playin a video game in Anime Club where all the characters had a cool little icon. So I did my own twist on it with the main season 1 characters of Oracle Knights, monochromed in their main color/s. *Yes, there's 2 seasons*
here they are; top to bottom, left to right, with a brief description of the character!!!

Grey= Ane, Oracle of Athena. A high school Language Arts teacher. sweet, nice, but bad tempered.
Teal= Niko, Oracle of Artemis. High school senior and star of the archery team. Rather cranky and brash, but emotional.
Red= Omega, Oracle of Hades. 20 year old henchmen of Siren *She's a villain*. dark, kind of a jerk. The anti-hero of the story.
Pink= Phi, Oracle of Persephone. high school senior. Ditzy and cute, can be very annoying.
Blue= Satoshi, Oracle of Hermes. Freshman athlete and class clown so to say. Niko's younger brother.
purple= Karo, Oralce of Thoth. 12 year old child genius. In college at time of story. Shy, depressed after the murder of his family. Satoshi's best friend.
Green= Rin, Oracle of Ma'at. College student and part of police force. Daughter of rich noble; tomboyish, strong willed.

Awwww I forgot Aki *Anubis*!!!!! He's important too! Well, here's his.... thing I guess.
Aki, Oracle of Anubis. 21 and still in High school *idiot*. irrational, gullible. He smokes.

I think Niko turned out the best. Her hair looks franken awesome.
Character wise, I love Karo and Omega. I feel bad for them, just wanna give em a Biiiiiiig hug! But Omega'd probably shoot me and Karo would cry out of confusion. yah.
I'll post more info on them if I get good feedback on the series!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

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