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It's not like I'd had anything to do.
These are maincharacter is my new story. (I'm sort of taking a break from the Naga for a while, I've run out of inspiration). Loki on the left, Sirius on the right.
With human names: Tuomas Valentin and Jack Smith (Absolutely no star at all. xD)
It's a fantastic story... Loki is the god of fire of the germanic mythology and Sirius is the star. Other characters in the story are the stars Lucifer and Orion, the human Vanessa (a junkie) and the ultimate CHAOS that will destroy everything when awakened. And that's just what Lucifer plans to do.
Sirius searches for Loki who had lost his memory (he's the keeper of CHAOS) when the bann of CHAOS's door broke. Bla bla. Loki falls in love with Vanessa and that stuff, you know, the usual.
Loki and Sirius are two goddamn kick ass characters. I love them a lot although I have hardly written anything of the story yet. xD

base is by poisonberry.net <3 (I love it to make small dolls)
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