Chaos- Iris Wood Picture

Name: Iris Wood
Age: 15 (+200 Tree years)
Birthday: 6/18
Race: Draiad
Dorm: Emerald Dorm
Powers: Nature's Hand- Can control nature at will, for example, plants or animals. But only for a limited amount of time
Nature's Friend- Can speak with nature
Jubble's Name: Lila
Jubble's Powers: Healing and Summoning
Personality: Outgoing and Brave, Caring for nature and instantly hates those who harms it. Slow to forgive
Likes: Nature, green things, environment-helping activities or groups, kind people.
Dislikes: pollution, litter-bugs, fire, poachers
Hobbies: Taking care of plants and animals, walking in the woods, napping in tree form, losing track of time
Family Relations: Mother- Gaia, or Mother Nature
History: Iris was part of the Guardians of Nature until she was captured by a minion of the Titans. She was tortured and interrogated for the whereabouts of a legendary flower that can reverse time on anything in hopes of raising the Titan king, Kronos. She was saved by her friend ,Chase, and safely returned to Gaia. Gaia favors Iris and cares for her, so Gaia sent Iris to Chaos to train more in order to defend nature
Classes: Herbalogy, "Mythology", Self Defense, History and Culture, and Physical Education
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