86-East Picture

I thought quite a lot for finding an idea for the theme East. One day, I remembered that the sun rise from East. I thought about the representation of the sun in the Greek mythology, Helios.

It's my representation of Helios in Class of the Titans style. He's talking with Herry.
Helios was so tired, looking the ground. He slowly walked to Zeus' office.

''Hey! Who are you?'' Helios jumped and looked in front of him. He saw a mortal with brown hair and a green shirt.

''A god. Please, Zeus want to see me.''

''You're a god? What's your name?'' Helios sighed. He knew it was one of the 7 heroes, he talked with one of them 5 minutes ago.

''I'm Helios, the sun.''

''I'm Herry. Can I ask you a question?'' Helios nodded. ''Why you always start your trail on the East? Why not in the West?''

Helios was surprise. It was the first time someone asked him that question. ''...Never thought about that. Anyways, I'm not the one who decided that, it was Chaos.''

''So, because of Chaos, you always start your trail on East?''

''Yes! So, excuse me but I need to talk to Zeus.'' Helios left before Herry was to ask him another question.
Class of the Titans: Studio B Production
Helios: Greek mythology
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