PetalThorn's 2014 Summary Picture

I saw a friend and a few others do this, so I thought: Why not? I've been drawing every day this year anyways. Well, 365 pictures from last year, and twelve made it on here. This is one New Year's resolution I've definitely kept, and that was to draw every day in order to improve. It's slow, but I've definitely improved. ^w^; I mean, look at my December human, compared to my January human, he's pure awesomeness compared to that, even though he needs improvement as well. Anyways, despite the whole entire year, I'm not even 60% done with drawing all the characters from the roleplay. XD Hopefully, I'll finish it up this year, but only time will tell. In any case, I hope to continue this, and eventually get it done. Let's hope I survive~

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January: Science And Potions
February: I Just Wanted
March: Searching For Himself
April: Tick Tock Tick
May: Twist Of Fate
June: The Lost Battle
July: Only A Nobody
August: You've Forgotten Me
September: The Forgotten Guardian
October: Trick or Treat
November: Only For Her
December: It's Much Better

Gibson belongs to the original show.
Scrapperton belongs to the original show.
The Alchemist belongs to the original show, but the name Mazden and his developed character belong to
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