Ariknatius - Monster of Gaia Picture

Long ago, when prehistoric animals roamed the earth, there was only one goddess: Gaia.
She helped all the living, and guarded a treasure high upon the mountains. It was the Emerald Stone, and in it was the power of the goddess Gaia herself.
One day, three lizards created a plan to steal this jewel and share it amongst themselves. The leader was named Arik, who was very keen and devious. His friend was named Ritius, who was very short-tempered. The only female was Thora, and she brought peace to the males' many arguments.
With Arik's plan to hide in the pterodactyl's scales until it flew over the mountain, his plan had succeeded. For he was small enough to crouch into the cave guarding the Emerald Stone.
But he was a fool to think the power could be shared amongst three reptiles equally, and Gaia appeared to him as a pure white dove.
"Dear lizard, you have made your way into my mountain, stealing my stone. I will grant you your reward, but you should remember this -- the stone is only meant for one soul. Let my wings be your guide."
The dove's body vanished, except for its pure white feathered wings which began to grow quickly, attaching itself to the reptiles, and conjoining them together as a massive three-headed dragon with feathered wings, each head carrying a piece of the Emerald Stone on their necks.
But Gaia wasn't finished yet. She spoke to them only as a voice, echoing through each of their heads. "For you, Arik, I shall add another eye on your head, so you may see a soul's true self.
"When the eye is closed shut, peace with take you three over. You shall not harm any living creature, and will be helpful to everyone.
"When the eye is half open, you will be at an irritable yet gentle state, allowing different emotions to play throughout your soul. You shall not be kind, nor destructive at this state.
"When, however, the eye is all the way open, chaos and terror will take over you three against your will and you shall destroy everything in your path without thinking twice about what you are doing.
"You are Ariknatius, my dear monster, and shall serve immortally to me."

Well, hopefully you read that beast of a legend up there ! ^.^ If you did, gold star to you ! ;D
This was for my English class. We're learning mythology and we had to make our own Greek/Roman monster along with a legend about it. My teacher handed it back to me, and I got a 17/20 for a mark (level 4)
Honestly, I expected possibly a 19/20 ? But then again, that was elementary school marking. This is high school ... and I guess they take things a lot more seriously here -.-

Well, tell me how you like it !
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