Historical Factions Pokemon Challenge Picture

1. All Factions can use Normal, and Bug types

2. No one can use Arceus since Arceus is supposed to be the God of Pokemon

3. Dual Types can be used as long as goes along with your Faction's type.
Only Mages can use Mismagius while Shinobi can use Sableye
Anyone can use Caterpie while only Mages can use Shedinja

4. Factions that have mini factions, you may choose only 1 of the mini factions and you can use the Pokemon from that mini faction as well as the Pokemon types of your main faction.

5. Legendaries can be used but only if they match the your Factions AND if they dont directly effect Nature.
Dialga, Palkia and Giratina control Time, Space and Antimatter (essentially) and if any of them are taken from their natural habitat then Chaos will ensue and possibly destroy the world if there's an inballance.

Here is a list of Legendary Pokemon that directly effect nature that could cause dissaster if they were caught and the reasoning why they're on this list. Keep in mind, most of these are from Sinnoh because of the background of the legendary Pokemon themselves.

Celebi is the Pokemon that keeps forests and plants alive, if it's taken from it's natural habitat then it can do it's role of protecting nature.
Lets face facts here, Jirachi is only awake for 7 days every Millenia.....meaning it would be impossible to use Jirachi at all
Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf:
They are needed to Balance out the power of Dialga or Palkia should one of them become moer powerful then the other.
Dialga, Palkia and Giratina:
Already stated in the Example.
Already stated in Rule #2

The types assigned to each Faction are set but I am open to suggestion on the "banned" legendaries if anyone thinks something should be added or removed from the list of them.

The only thing in this picture that is my own is the idea behind it. The Pokemon Sprites came from Serebii.net while the other pictures were found surfing google.

Update: 1:04am 4/26/2014
I probably dont need to add this but I feel like I should. The only Faction Symbols that you'd find by searching for them are the Assassin and Templar Symbols. They may not be 100% my own but I did make the Shinobi, Samurai, Knight and Mage Symbols by either taking multiple pictures from google to make one symbol or just editing the picture to make it look different (the Mage Symbol).

Update: 11:14am 4/26/2014
Just remembered that there's a special rule specifically for the Samurai Faction. For OBVIOUS reasons they have one exception to their type rule and that's the ability to have Samurott, like I said, Obvious reasons lol. If anyone thinks of a pokemon that a Faction SHOULD have please let me know in the comments.

Update: 8:37pm 5/17/2014
The Arcanine Family can now be used by Shinobi and Samurai for the reason that the Arcanine family is based on the Shisa from ancient asian mythology. proof here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shisa again, let me know if you think of a pokemon that isn't in a faction and should be.
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