Wood Elf Lord WIP Picture

Here's a conversion for my Warhammer Wood Elf army, a Wood Elf Lord I've just finished modeling and that I'm going to paint in the following next days.
The inspiration for this model came from the celtic mythology and the Wood Elves background about Kurnous the Hunting God and all that stuff, so I made it a deer-horned helmet and gave him a long bow, a spear and a pair of hunting knives, the most appropriate equip for a hunter.
To make this, I used pieces from Warhammer Chaos Barbarians and Wood Elf Archers, but the legs and waist were made with miliput sculpting stuff, but the boots, that are from a Chaos Barbarian too.

Hope you like this, I'll deviant the painted model soon. See ya! ^^

P.D: Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Chaos Barbarians, Wood Elves and all logos and names related to Warhammer Fantasy Battles are owned by Games-Workshop plc, not by me.
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