The insane, the angry and the possessed Picture

Some twits are whispering that In the windowless rooms behind the big screams in the great big wall of it all; off planet; the ‘demonic manipulators’ led by that great big beast called ‘The Anti-Christ’ or “Satan”, creates the chaos on earth by randomly selecting human victims upon whom they visit all sorts of disturbances and damages in the human brain, like rage enough to stab your girlfriend 32 times, slit her throat, cut off her ears, slice her mouth open and stuff her ears inside her throat. (Recent NZ news)

Or take a hammer and bash 19 baby cows to death and burn down houses.

Or fist your little two year old boy in the stomach so hard that it splits open his liver.

Or take your little baby daughter and toss her callously over a very high bridge.

Or kill 77 young children one by one in a killing spree of insane and cold blooded rage.

And now the latest massacre of little children in USA

Some people on the www are saying that maybe the ‘demonic manipulators’ led by the beast of old, told in the stories of mythology throughout the generations of mankind that have been possessed by Satanic beings to such an extent that they are able to do these absolutely and completely insane actions, driven by insane thoughts inside their very damaged brains without knowledge of their actual little puppets on a string, without will power.

The devil, the satanic one with god awful power enough to move one mountain to replace another mountain by word alone, finds it easy enough to infiltrate the little grey bits of matter inside the blood and bone of the human body, apparently, by those that tell the stories of very old and ancient scary stories.

“Hee hee..let me see…who shall it be..oh yeah.,,theres a nice bloke with bright red hair…lets stir him up by making him take a cocktail of mind boggling drugs of addiction and then make him think he is batmans dark night whose duty it is to kill as many movie goers as possible in five minutes or more…if I move my finger so..I find that spot inside his brain…fill it with pain…hammer in the nails…send the visions to make him hear the voices….hee hee….luverly!”

What a lot of bull shit.

Born with untapped potential, the human brain misunderstood and under nourished, cannot flourish.

Damaged and broken down since birth time by life experiences of mental and physical stress and burn out and unhelpful stories and medication and alcohol and too much sugar and too little chocolate and not enough coffee and too much damn lettuce, the brain disconnects parts of its dendrite tree that holds the key to the holy grail of connectivity and longevity and intelligent conscience and all the other optimal to grow healthy and safe human baby things the ‘devil of ancient mythology’ does not want enlightened people like Jesus Christ and Mohammed and Buddha and Mother Theresa and The Pope or Anonymous or Presidents of civilized nations, to tell the rest of us little sheep all about.

So we bleat like lambs and run into fences and impale ourselves on our own hopelessness and depression and bipolar and schizophrenia and other horrific brain diseases that no one knows how to heal. (or do they?..I read an article called “Misfit Minds” last year in the New Scientist Magazine, in which someone quoted that the cannon fodder of schizophrenic and bipolar and autistic brains is considered to be necessary ‘expenditure’ for the human species to evolve.

Towards what, they did not say…how fucking cold hearted is that?)

Why only some put their insane thoughts into actual action, is probably the extent of the damage inside their brains or because of drugs or unresolved behavioral issues or the lack of understanding about mental health and the evolving human brain and how to understand and help and heal these victims before they create more victims in a vicious circle of generational children being the cannon fodder of the narcissistic DNA trying to evolve towards an intelligent conscience.

Some brains have been better nourished and nurtured than others, I would imagine, in the hit and miss scenario of not knowing a lot about how to grow a safe and healthy child behind the facades and windowless walls of protective thick skins and many layered ego’s and addictions to the fiction of stories that incite the plight instead of lighting the light?

Maybe that is why progress is so slow and retarded on a world wide scale of many pointing fingers and shaking fists and big screaming mouths of mass media and movies that incites the anger that results in little children running in the dusty streets of bombed out buildings and sniper bullets, building up the damage in their little brains that will cause the pain that will generate the anger that will drive the insanity forward for many more generations to come until the day of the dead arrives in the great big Hollywood nightmare scenario of only a few running away from the hordes for hours and hours until mercifully one of them manages to annihilate or nuke the poor salivating rabid beasts and put them out of their misery, and then begin again with a bi sexual harem and a big weapon of massive stupidity to lead the new species forward to more stupidity.

To save the future of the human race from its own damaged in various kinds of way brains, so much work is still to be done by a vast army of intelligent conscience brains and possibly some psychologists and psychiatrists and neurologists and many other kinds of biologists, (joke) who should urgently get the funding by their governments to move in amongst us and them; in swarms of healing twitters, with neighbourly warm face cloths of kind and helpful thoughts and words and actions and other kinds of psycotherapy, just so long as the ‘devil’ or the ‘anti christ’ doesn’t possess their human brains against their will and make them do horrible things to their patients and themselves and others?.
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