Vampire Queen profile Picture

Full Name: Asthore Blackwood Chevalier the Vampire Queen
Birthplace: Scotland
Birthdate: Medieval Era

Color/Style of Hair: bold red, long straight hairstyle with purple and black sticks
Color of Eyes: midnight purple
Color of Skin: moonlight pale
Creature Race: boabhan sith
Physical body: curvy and feminine

Kinds of Goth Fashion: Romantic Goth and Medieval Goth

Personality: vampire, queen, world guardian, woman, Scotswoman, psychic, owl person, traveler, Christian, demure, musician, punk woman, goth woman, bookworm, healer, housework, cook, anime fan, fantasy fan, music fan, former secret agent (or spy), baobhan sith, druid, fay, enchantress, and artist

Positive Traits of Personally: protective, faithful, responsible, skillful, wise, enchanting, royal, studious, noble, and compassionate; While she has been seemed moody and stoic, her compassion surprises creatures and humans as she takes care of wounded persons and orphaned/abused children, really close to a few, trusted friends after many years with their own immortal ages, trying to get rid of her mood swings if she secretly wants to befriend persons whom interests are similar to her interests. In her education, always an all-honored student she already has earned good grades as she passed AP classes in the private schools and graduated on several private universities since she was in Victorian years to the present years. As a child, the church scholars taught her on the bible to be strictly religious as she became faithful toward Jesus and God the Father while she communicated with the archangels sometime. Very well-experinced fighter she has served for her country, and mostly united countries, such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, United States of America, Canada, Japan, Israel, and etc, she's very useful to many weapons to destroy enemies besides her useful experiences working on technology skills, good communication, medical skills, and languages. In '90s years, she was chosen successfully as the queen of the demon world, and the main ally president of the NATO and United Nations in the human world (or Earth), her ambitions are matched well to the protection, politics, royalty, disability rights, human rights, military branches, and everything, politically, independently, and royally. With her monarchy, she could be employed with her two, trusted leaders whom assisting her, the president and the prime minister of the demon world although they think of the citizens than themselves, and they're caring about the citizens more than the money. There is something very interesting about one of her supernatural abilities inside her, this is called, the magic power. She's openly to everything of the supernatural, magical abilities as elements, healing, shapeshifting, and etc. One day, one of her old friends has informed her about she has done on good things to do, serve, learn, and act, however, she shall get something that is love, to be loved by she'd meet someone would protect her locked heart with his knight key, someday he would unlock her heart with his knight key, so they could fall in love together as true love.

Negative Traits of Personally: melancholic, strict, feisty, serious, moody, submissive, hungry, misunderstood, sensitive, and stoic; every human and creature can sense how bloodthirsty she is, she seems very bloodthirsty when she tried to talk with anyone else. She doesn't believe in what they do think of her, however, sometime secretly she feels worried about how her outside behavior as she would be hungry, so she can't control herself as she killed victims on creatures, humans, and normal animals to drink bloods. All she needs is being forgiven for killing victims, drinking bloods, and even using dark magic. As a redhead, she hates the unkind people, so it makes her bad temper snapping feistily while she shouts at them or/and kick their butts, and she really, really hates these idiots who can't do their bests to fix their mistakes and follow the rules, and she doesn't trust the arrogant people. Sadly, every full moon curses on her having premenstrual syndrome as she became very moody, sometime she suffers from the melancholy and hunger. At her outside, she never shows her submissive personality to anyone else, however, she's secretly submissive to someone she'd fall in love with. Misunderstood loner with gold of her heart, that's truthful. In her jobs, she's usually serious in the businesses as a manager and secretary, until she already becomes a secret agent working in the governments and the parliaments to hunt criminal outlaws in the whole world with her secretly, supernatural abilities. Nobody dares to mess her up.

Languages: American English, British English, Scottish English, Irish English, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Canadian English, Canadian French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Austrian, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Czech, Egyptian, Israeli, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Taiwanese, Filipino, Australian English, New Zealand English, Danish, Dutch, Belorussian, Polish, Georgian, German, Turkish, Latvian, and Ukrainian

Lover: Jacques Chevalier the Halloween Vampire

Friends: Nightmare Bat, and Shadow Raven

Supernatural Powers: telepathy, shapeshifter, immortality, sixth senses, speed, superhuman strength, healing, flight, psychic, empathy, animal control, wall climbing, magical powers, aerokinesis, aura reader, elemental powers, necromancy, omnilingual, psycokinesis, siren song, darkness manipulation, and technopathy

Weaknesses: garlic, hunger for blood, and sunlight

Hobbies: reading books, cooking cuisines, painting artwork, illustrating artwork, ghost hunting, travels, playing musical instruments, astrology, tarot cards, reading crystal ball, shopping, movies, theaters, listening to music, and anime & manga.

Colors: purple, violet, lilac, black, white, grey, and silver.

Likes: Jacques, independence, royalty, freedom, peace, faith, legendary creatures, international travels, exotic things, arts, music, justice, goodness, some subcultures, anime & manga books, anime shows, anime stuff, anime cosplay, history, wisdom, modern things, classical things, styles, compassion, power, magic, mystic, loyalty, new age, literature, animal rights, ecology, legendary creature rights, religion rights, paranormal, good ethic, respect, children, technologies, and good occults.

Music Genres: symphonic black metal, symphonic metal, symphonic gothic metal, new age music, goth rock, and classical music.

Books: dark fantasy, urban fantasy, mythology, folklore, supernatural fantasy, anime & manga, dark romanticism, ghost story, poetry, psychology, Christian bible, goth cartoon, and steampunk.

Dislikes: chaos, wars, crimes, terrorism, painful memories, disasters, animal abuse, enemies, stereotype, evil occults, stupid things, boredom, bad manners, bad reasons, bad jokes, sins, disloyalty, child abuse, liars, hackers, kinds of bully, snobs, unhappiness, perverts, annoyance, dishonesty, disorders, ignorance, disrespect, bad society, garlic, discrimination, and sunlight

Asthore Blackwood Chevalier OC illustrated art(c) My Own Character and me
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