Gods of Zaldor 1 Picture

This is a picture of 2 of the Deities I created and modified for my Zaldor Campaign setting for the Dungeons and Dragon Game. Rather then use a prexisting Pantheon for my homebrewed world of Zaldor, I made my own, using a combination of Deities from Egyptian, Mayan and Greek mythologys, as well as some prexisting gods from other Dungeons and Dragons worlds, and some gods of my own creation.
The Gods of Zaldor are not their world' creators, instead coming into existance during the birth of the Dragons, millions of years ago, being born when the first intelligent and magical beings needed something to worship, and t the same time representing the new ideals of Good, Evil, LAw and Chaos as the ideals came into existance in the minds of sentient beings. Over the millions of years, new gods have come into existance as new ideals andnew being have come into existance.
Some of the most powerful Gods of Zaldor are a pantheon of sibling gods, supposedly "born" out of the same sourse of Cosmic energy as each other. Calling each other brother or sister, the gods represent som of the more basic of the cosmic domains such as nature, the sky, the sun, the moon, the forrests, the deserts as well as being some of the Patron God of some of the Races of Zaldor.

Semuanya, seen her of the left, is the patron God of the Lizardfolk, as well as the jungles and swamps of Zaldor, and of lizards and other reptiles as well. Oldest of the sibling Gods, he goes back millions of years when the Lizardfolk first appeared and taught his adopted people agraculture, hunting techniques, weapon making and other basic survival needs, and lead his people into a pround advanced society. The Semuanya of Zaldor is defferent then the Semuanya of D&D's world of Grayhawk, as this god is much different then the genderless god of that world that cares only for survial of his race at all costs and views intelligence as a sign of weakness.
In the land of Egypt, across the seas from Zaldor, Semuanya is viewed much differenly then he is in Zaldor, and is revered by the Humans their as Osiris, the undead God of agriculture.

Set is a complicated God, depicted as a strange animal of no known oragin that shares a hodge podge of parts with different beasts. Set is a God of Chaos, first and foremost, and though some view him as the ultimate source of Evil, Set's motive's and actions arn't evil for its own sake like many other dark and evil gods of Zaldor. The god of the desert and the night, as well as Storms and preditory beasts, Set represents many things other may fear, and as such, is feared as a god himself. Set is hardly a noble god, often sheaming for personal motives, but he is hardly entierly unscrupulous, and when it comes down to it, sides with his siblings against the minions of the evil Apep. Set is not wildly known amongst the people of Zaldor, but he has found his way in as the Patron God of the Hyena headed Gnolls of Zaldor. Set is more highly worshiped in the land of Egypt, where many of his Domains are more readily encountered.

So, there we have 2 Deities of Zaldor, so expect more soon.
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