Perversion of the Morningstar Picture

Misguided Messiah
Pariah of twisted beauty
Spirit of fire climb higher
And higher ever
Desire, desire, to taste all
That isnt worthy
Enlightened defiler, to tire
Would shame your brilliance
Show us your fire
Messiah of phoenix wing and
Unburden, empower, deliver
The Light of Knowing

-Lucifer Rising, Inkubus Sukkubus

After many months of abandoning most work I started, this finally came. Yesterday, I sketched it and began to colour it (only after a storm threatening to knock our power off) and finished it today.

Behold from my summer of doing nothing, a new story concept for which I will do a series of drawings. It doesn't have a title currently but it's a project I'm willing to try. The character depicted above is indeed as the song lyrics suggest, the fallen seraphim/archangel/whichever story you go by, Lucifer. Before you go on I have to say any information I have used for the purposes of this concept are heavily bastardized. Which means some names and portrayals the bible or other sources of information give have been changed to suit my purposes.

This picture is basically an introduction to the next few pictures I'll draw.

Ehh, brief summary even though it might not make sense yet. This is the form that Lucifer was given after he met those in Hell that did not fall from Heaven. Originally the great nothingness/void, who is called the Mother Chaos (going on Greek mythology for that part), gave birth to Jehovah/Yahweh/God and the demon mother Lilith at the same time, each being was to reside on each sides of the universe, not above or below as humans commonly believe the destinations of Heaven and Hell. Without Lilith, Hell cannot exist for her domain is the topmost region of Hell aside from Lucifer's though his is not considered a level. Lilith is the sin of Pride, from which all other sins originate. All of the Sins, fallen angels, and some demons in Hell have forms resembling humans, same as the beings in Heaven. After Pride, Envy (Leviathan) was born, followed by Sloth (Astaroth), Wrath (Barbatos), Lust (Asmodeus), Gluttony (Beelzebub), and Greed (Mammon).

At the same time Chaos also gave birth to the Contrary Virtues which would balance out "good" and "evil" so to say. Even though Lilith was born the same time as God, Lucifer would stand to be his greatest rival instead of Lilith. Although Metatron was born first, he became the contrary Virtue of Dilligence to balance out Sloth, Michael followed as Humility to balance out Pride, Zaphkiel as Kindness to balance Envy, Barbiel, heavenly twin sister of Barbatos to balance out Wrath, Gabriel as Chastity to balance out Lust, Uriel as Abstinence to balance out Gluttony, and Raphael as Liberality to balance out Greed.

I could continue explaining but I'll put more out with my next picture, cross your fingers that I get on it soon.

EDIT: And wow, I looked again and realized the scanner really didn't do justice to the purple and black, it made it look more mauve-y than the dark-ish velvet purple it should be. Arggghhh.
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