MLP Villain Concept - Erebus Picture

So recently I've been thinking about a possible creation mythos for the MLP:FIM universe, and a pantheon based on the deities from Greek mythology. So allow me to introduce you all to Erebus, the god of darkness and chaos. In Greek mythology, Erebus was one of the first two beings in existence, and was spawned directly from Chaos itself. Erebus was not known for doing much in Greek mythology, all he really did was mate with Nyx, and give life to more significant primordial deities. However, this MLP equivalent of Erebus is much different. Like the original Erebus, he was one of the first beings in existence, but he has since become the embodiment of evil and discord in the world of Equestria. Throughout history he has attempted to manipulate world events to cause chaos, and return the world to original state of darkness. The only being who truly stood in his way was his greatest enemy, Concordia, the goddess of light and harmony, who after a long series of battles, risked her life to keep him at bay. Yet every day, Erebus' return draws closer. Until then, he's always watching, waiting for opportunities to shift the balance of order and chaos.
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