Grendel Picture

*whistles* Man, this took way too long to do, but it's good to finally have something worthy of submission to my Deviant Gallery. That it's a creature from my RP thread just makes it that much better.
Warning: The full deviation is 200kb.

Anyways, a little info on Grendel Himself;

Grendel is an Ancient Daemon currently in the service of the Chaos God, Khorne. Despite his servitude Grendel was alive and kicking long before the Heresy that split the Imperium in two-- Traitors and Faithful-- and it is often rumoured that he, or his kin, were the direct inspiration for Dragonic imagery that appears present on multiple planets and cultures despite the stark differences in mythology.

Now, however, Grendel has been alive for quite some time. He is no longer the blindly vicious monster that he once was. Instead he is a cold, calculating tactician with a penchant for bloodshed. So regardless of the ferocity this being outside of time exhibits in battle one must always be aware that he is anything but stupid. If that wasn't enough he often travels with a retinue of Vassals-- servants augmented by the Daemonic energies of the Warp to become inhumanly efficient at spilling blood-- which he uses for his own purposes.

Dwelling currently on his own planet deep within the warp-- a planet consisting of little other than a handful of tiny islands and massive oceans of lava-- Grendel is revered as a God in his own right. This has caused him to grow rather decadent lately and it is unsure wether or not a being who has lived as long as He can still scrap with the younger, more violent Daemons.

I'll be updating this, perhaps, if I decide to outline & shade it properly.
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