Paradox Principle - Revelation by Immortals Picture

Now here’s the other paradox. Please read this, somebody. I rarely get the chance to see how another human will react to it.

"As man is, God once was. As God is now, man may be.”

This is a quote from a mormon prophet. I am NOT mormon, but it is the closest thing I’ve ever found to what an Immortal explained to me about the Universe.
As man is. What does that mean? Well, we’re physical beings that live on a planet and we’re imperfect.

So that’s how God was? If so, who created him? His God? Well, who created that God? There only logical answer is a paradox.

You see, the original God was a man on a planet and he evolved from bacteria just like we think we did, but his personality was one that required CERTAINTY. He had the most scientific mind ever to exist, and he was arguably the most intelligent being on his planet, though “intelligence” itself is a subjective word. He wondered obsessively, even as a caveman, who created him and why he was there.

The structure of what we call the Astral Plane is a natural result of human thought and emotion based on the principles of quantum physics, and so is reincarnation. The man who we now know as God reincarnated many times, but questions about his existence never stopped plaguing his inquiring soul.

His planet got more and more advanced. They learned about evolution, but that didn’t explain why the big bang happened. Eventually, they found a way to stop aging, travel through time, and have complete mind-over-matter control.

God went back in time to before the big bang (Sorry, my Immortal didn’t quite explain how there WAS even time before the big bang...) to see what caused it.

Now, here’s some new principles of physics that non-immortal earth humans don’t know yet:
So creation had to start somewhere. But how can SOMETHING ever be created from NOTHING? Well, what we think of as nothingness is actually matter broken down into infinitely small pieces. INFINITE. Sorry Einstein, there’s no fundamental particle. Before the “Big Bang,” all those particles were distributed evenly and precisely, so gravity did not act on any one more than any other and they remained apart. Sorry it’s so hard to picture an infinite number of infinitely small particles floating in space, but your brains are just not infinite...and neither is mine. But the person who told me this is a different story. Immortals can channel infinity.

Anyway, God, a physical immortal being, unbalanced gravity just by being there. The particles began to clump together. They created singularity. Due to some principle that humans haven’t discovered yet and my Immortal didn’t explain very well, this singularity, basically a black hole, eventually reached a terminal density where it could not hold anymore and it exploded outwards (unevenly due to an inherent principle of chaos contained in movement) creating the universe. That’s called the big bang.

God realized that HE was the creator he had sought so desperately. His own curiosity caused the universe to be created. A HUGE FREAKING PARADOX. He went back to his own time and proclaimed that he had figured out the entire universe and that he had created it.

He quickly rose to enlightened dictator status and got absolute power, partially because the technologies necessary for absolute power were handed over to him by his followers, and partially because he had an off-the-charts ability to manifest his thoughts into reality. Basically, he was good at magick.

His philosophy was that the process of living in an imperfect world and not knowing who created you but believing and wondering anyway, the very process that shaped him and the people of his planet, is an experience that everyone needs to go through to UNDERSTAND what makes the universe tick and eventually become perfected like the people of his highly evolved planet.

Yes, PERFECTED. Remember, this guy is obsessed with CERTAINTY. Science IS religion to him. Because he is so evolved and thinks so logically, and he happened to accidentally create the universe, he developed a huge superiority complex.

What you have to remember is that Immortals are still human, and the problem with humans is that their technology evolves, their logic evolves, their mannerisms become more “civilized”, their justifications become more sophisticated, but their deeply buried Human Nature motives will never really change.

Since he knows there is little physical certainty because we all exist by paradox alone, which is precariously close to not existing at all, God supplants physical certainty with moral certainty in his needy mind. Without certainty, this supergenius would go insane just like many geniuses do, therefore he protects himself by believing that his utopian ideology is 100% right.

He believes that innocence is the best state for people to be in, because then they’re happy and humble and trusting and full of love, with no sorrow, worry, anger, or conflict. Innocent people are the only good people to him, and to be innocent, one must submit entirely to something. He decided to be the something.

To make himself worthy of his self-proclaimed authority, he altered himself to be unchangeable and perceive everything in the universe (although this is impossible because it is infinite--he is only perceiving one layer). Immortals can alter themselves like that at any time because they have perfect willpower. It requires a sort of occult ritual, and Immortals are all about their rituals. The sacrifice of Jesus /was/ an occult ritual. God now cannot lie, change his mind, or break his own rules, and he automatically loves everybody, but according to his rules, he must still punish them, and this makes him sad. If he breaks his rules, he will lose his power.

His ideology states that those who do not submit to him are not worthy of existence in his universe because they only cause trouble and they are “evil.” Defiance and pride, to God, are subcategories of evil. Yet people are given ample chances to submit. Life on earth is not only a learning experience but a test of one’s true nature. Those who defy him at every opportunity, even after death when they are given the full picture of God’s seeming perfection, the logic behind his ideology, and the consequences of rebellion, are turned immortal and then expelled from the universe into a place of nothingness outside of reality, which is defined by immortals as COLLECTIVE existence. Hell is really just eternal solitary confinement.

Those who do not seek out God, cannot resist temptation, ect. but submit when given understanding of the situation after their deaths, are made immortal and go to various levels of “heaven” where they serve god for the rest of eternity...but they’re immortal, so it’s not like it’s hard labour or exhausting or anything like that. It’s just that they will always be in the inferior position and not given the knowledge of how to “create,” which is really just a set of divine alchemical procedure--a way to change the state of matter and energy, since matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed (law of conservation of matter/energy), not even by God.

Those who are consistent with God’s ideal while living, which just means that they have to try their best to obey the Commandments and not sin, and repent fervently when they do (thanks to Jesus being sent to reconcile the gap between the absolutism of God’s laws and the imperfection of the human race through a kind of occult sacrifice ritual) are made immortal after their death and given planets of their own to rule over. The universe is infinite, but the part under the control of God’s religion is constantly expanding, and there’s always room for new sub-rulers. Note: This becoming immortal and going to hell or heaven or being given a planet all happens during the final judgement after the apocalypse In the meantime, everyone just goes to the astral plane without their body, where their mentalities determine their surroundings. Reincarnation is not a mandatory part of God’s plan, but it happens anyway.

To make it fair, God tells all the spirits on the astral plane before they come to earth that they will be tested on earth and lose their memory of God. New spirits are often naive and agree to this plan readily. Those who disagree with the plan before they even get to earth are allowed to fight a spiritual war. They do not realize that because of God’s absolute power, they stand no chance and will automatically be defeated. They could just be zapped away, but God lets his spirits (always a majority due to human nature) fight the rebels, to brew bitterness in the rebels and loyalty in the spirits that follow him. Spiritual wars do not usually include death, only a sort of nonphysical pain. It is basically a contest of who gives in first.

God then casts the angry rebel spirits to the lower astral plane, knowing they will try to drag humans with physical bodies down with them. Hence, Lucifer and his demons. They are NOT the epitome of pure evil. They’re human spirits. Once justified rebels, now mostly just bitter and wanting people to feel the pain they had to feel. They wreak havoc, deceive people, cause temptation, and try to turn people against God, though not in a philosophical way. The whole thing with the devil was part of God’s plan to test people, and in the end, these spirits too will end up in eternal solitary confinement.

This planet’s particular “War in Heaven” was basically about political Left vs. Right. Lucifer, a powerful spirit, accepted God’s authority originally, but he didn’t think it was fair to wipe everybody’s memory and use their ignorant actions on earth to determine their eternal outcome. He thought that everyone should be /spiritually changed/, so as to be FORCED to do what God considered to be good.

God , on the other hand, believed in a paradoxical sort of Free Will where people can choose their actions, but if they choose wrong, they will be punished so hard and so long that they will regret it anyway, however using the phrase “Free Will” really helped him get the moral high ground in a lot of people’s eyes... The two philosophies are the political equivalent of Left and Right. Far Leftists (Communists) believe in making everybody equal by requiring them to share everything--be good--and controlling their lives. Far Rightists (Anarcho-Capitalists) believe in letting everyone do their own thing even though some will be rich and some will starve.

God was with the newer planets from the beginning, but he co-opted the natural evolution of other planets that were behind his planet, but already in progress, to make these planets fit into his plan. When in our history our planet was co-opted remains a highy classified secret that would have implications for my Immortal if he were to reveal it to a human, however there is another force influencing this planet that makes me suspicious that God is a new arrival.

There are 12 imperfect yet powerful immortals calling themselves the “Council of Fate” and influencing human affairs. These could be equated to the Gods of Olympus, but the mythological accounts are highly fictionalized or mixed with other Astral occurrences. It is possible that these immortals arrived on earth before God discovered the Paradox and came to power, and he had to defer to them for some reason.

The Council, being made up of Immortals, is split into two factions but is too “enlightened” to actually, physically fight each other, so they solve their disagreements using a game of intellect that basically uses influential humans as chess pieces (though they do not have the mental resources to control the life of every ordinary person). The willing human operatives of the two factions fall into the two sides of the Illuminati, a secret occult society that split into two opposing factions that use the same symbolism and often the same name, yet kill each other. These are the ones who willingly do the Council’s work. Others are pawns in the game and don’t even know it. Ordinary Immortals cannot change your very soul, but they use methods of mind control such as creating illusions and interrupting brain circuits to make people forget things, or conditioning using both manipulation of external events and carefully designed dreams that are then forgotten so that the conditioning remains in the subconscious--think Inception...or hypnosis.

The Council has a highly developed set of techniques for “Fatebending” (a rough translation of their word for it), in which they influence both physical events and human events in a highly calculated and subtle way, taking many factors into account, to create a desired outcome down the line. The farther down the line the “causatum” or outcome event is from the “trigger” event, the more likely it is that chaos, a natural force in the universe that multiplies with movement in space or time, will interfere. The movie “Adjustment Bureau” amazed me with its resemblance to the truth.

My Immortal was a member of the Council of Fate, but he was some kind of dissenter who messed with their plans and they all found him obnoxious. Perhaps he opposed the split into 2 factions. He was the only person ever to get kicked out of the Council and replaced, but when he was in the Council, he was the 10th. They all refer to themselves by their number because immortals have access to their true spiritual names and think of themselves by those names and nothing else, but giving true names out to the public gives people control over them in an occult sense.

I know my Immortal as “Ashar” which means 10 in their language. There is another “Ashar” in the Council that has replaced him, but he refuses to give up his old name. He seems to want to subvert the Council but that is not exactly achievable. He has been running independent Fate experiments on humans using the same techniques the Council uses. His goal is to turn a fundamentally innocent soul into a deadly fighter of injustice. This is done by manipulating events to put his subjects in their own personal hell--kind of ironic because that IS an injustice, and if he ever succeeded, he would be at risk of being destroyed by the successful subject. He has taken this into account and conditions his subjects to love and obey him, but conditioning, even when done by a knowledgeable immortal, is never foolproof. *winks sinisterly at Ashar*

All his subjects so far have lost their minds due to the trauma, not been transformed and made infinitely strong as he had hoped. Of course, he uses the scientific method, so he determined early on that he was going to do 11 trials. He has done one in each “era” for a long time, as in centuries (Immortals have a way of measuring time in “Eras”), and he won’t tell me the details of the others except that they were all male. He chose a female for once, because he was nearing the end of his experiment and changed some variables in the hopes that one would be successful. I am the 10th. My name might as well be Ashar too. I like to think he believes I have more potential than the others, or that he likes me more. He is telling me all this, after all, and I feel like an Immortal myself sometimes, knowing all this amazing stuff. He says that he will make the successful subject immortal and then we will plot stuff together. I do not sound angry at him, because I am programmed not to. Every time I even think of hating Ashar, my subconscious finds the thought absurd and I just laugh.

How does Ashar interact with me? Like all immortals, he is proficient with astral projection, telepathy, dream sharing, all that kind of stuff. I have never seen him appear in physical form. Due to some agreement he has with the Council and maybe even God, he cannot appear in physical form under most circumstances because that could potentially disrupt the planned Fate beyond acceptable levels. My mother may have caught him observing me while in his physical form once... The man, who she saw from a distance, should not have been there and did not look like an apparition, yet when she looked away and looked back, he was gone, and there’s nowhere he could have moved that fast.

More importantly, Ashar is a member of a resistance movement against God. You may automatically think “Satan!” but that is not the case. Satan’s ideology was nothing like the ideology of this Resistance movement. This Resistance movement is made up of immortals with physical bodies who were around before God came to power. They have their own little religion and occult practice, and they believe in duality, infinity, imperfection, and subjectivism. They are the “humanists” of the immortal world. They believe that God is wrong because he does not acknowledge the fact that everything, both moral and physical matters, are subjective and a matter of perspective, plus they think the fact that he accidentally created the universe by stepping in it means nothing, as anyone could have done the same. They want a free universe governed by proportional Karma, which is a natural law anyway--none of this eternal solitary confinement and purging the universe of “evil human nature” shit.

Immortals originally used 12 as the base number for their numerological system, but the Resistance uses 11 because it is one less than 12, which symbolizes imperfection and the fact that knowledge can never be complete or absolute. They call themselves Elevenians (wow, I just realized how important numbers must be to ALL immortals, with the Council calling themselves by their numbers, ect.). The word “Elevenian” is an English translation. “Ahdashar” is the word for “eleven” in their language. “Ahdashara” is the name of their occult system. They are called “Ahdasharyana” (plural), and “Ahdasharyan” (singular). Ahd = 1, Ashar = 10.

So yes, God is kind of evil, even though he really does LOVE everybody. And he's kind of technically an alien, even though he's the same species as us (though more highly evolved). Whatever he is, he’s a dictator. And I’m an experiment.
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