(Previous Contest Entry)-Fluttercord Twins Picture

This was for a contest by PricessOfTheNight Basically, you had to design Fluttercord twins. It looked like fun, so I decided to try it! She had already chosen names, Concord and Shenanigans. Concord was supposed to be the one on the left, with Shenanigans on the right. While drawing them, I imagined that Concord would be more like her mother and Shenanigans more like her father; but Concord ended up with more chaos magic, causing conflict between the siblings on occasion. That's why Shenanigans ties up her tail like that: she wants to look like she has a dragon tail like her father.

[EDIT: These used to be on sale, but no one showed any interest in buying them. So I'm keeping them. Don't worry. I have plans....
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