Chaos an Original Character Picture

This is Chaos, an old character of mine I created when I was about... 11. Never really drew him, had a story written with him in early 2006, but he was mostly just in daydreams. Actually I forgot about him a long time ago though now I finally got around to actually drawing him!

For once I'm getting better at drawing poses, I took this pose from one of my Drawing Anime books. I don't draw anime anymore but since I got my mom to buy these books I should at least use them.

I really need to get better with coloring with my markers.

Chaos was based on several things. Of course I based him off of Sephiroth but back then, before Advent Children, I didn't like his bangs so I mostly based him off of Sesshomaru. Though I changed a few things from Chaos, mostly because I can't remember his original design and took his look from Sephiroth in Advent Children. I don't remember why I named him Chaos, it was either because of the game Chaos Legion (or Xeno Saga), or I took it from Greek Mythology... or just chaos as in destruction

I realized I fucked up the head, I drew it too big. I'm so terrible at drawing! I need to practice more.

He has red eyes
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