The Animalistic Mahadeva Picture

The deity depicted here is Shiva, but this depiction of him incorporates Shiva with Rudra, Bhairava, Mahakala, Daijizaiten, Sanmen Daikokuten (all aspects of Shiva in different mythologies). The fire is his indomitable will, and the Vedic fire god Agni, who Rudra had a close relationship with. The Chinese text comes from a belief in Medieval Japan that he was cosmic ruler of Japan and created the Chinese writing system, but the mean various aspects of the deity.

功率 (Power)
實力 (Strength)
創建 (Creation)
毀壞 (Destruction)
混亂 (Chaos)
自由 (Freedom)
精力 (Energy, Vitality)
春心 (Love, Lust, Passion)
義 (Righteousness)
精神 (Spiritual)

He is symbolic of all these things, but especially symbolic of my fascination with creation and destruction, energy, and power.
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