Brothers will become each other's bane... Picture

These, my friends, are who I am using for reference pictures in my Ragnarok story.

Sean Bean/Chris Hemsworth as Thonar, God of War and Thunder.

David Wenham/Alec Newman as Balder, God of Healing.

Aiden Turner/Tom Hiddleston as Loki, God of Fire and Mischief.

The brothers three...we follow them as they each take their separate paths to Ragnarok, and the Twilight of the Gods.

"Do you ever feel that we have no control?"

"Oh, dear. You mean fate?"


"No, Balder. I don't."

"Because of what it might mean?"

"No, because control would suggest some sort of universal order. The universe has no order. It's all just chaos mingled in little spits of land and water, given life to make things interesting."

"You are the most practical person I have ever had the misfortune to befriend, Loki. Honestly, you're as much of a brother to me as Thonar."

"I'm touched, Balder, but what do you need more family for? The house of Woden is practically bursting at the seams...heh. Don't tell him I said that."

"Of course. But everyone needs family. Some more than others."

"Watch it."

"It's true! And someday, you'll have a family of your own."

"Oh, Norns...spare me your optimism, will you?"

"For now, brother."

(c) Though Norse Mythology belongs to everyone and no one, I am adapting it for my story. And the title is from Voluspa's prophecies on the end of the world.
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