YGGDRASIL'S RACES VII: Of Progress and Evil Picture

Part seven of the races that exist in Yggdrasil, in all of its twelve kingdoms, which will be described later. Part Six here >>diamondheadman.deviantart.com/…<< Here they are:

* Grüntilgard's Kvinna: Powerful warriors, the gnomes of Kvinna clan formed almost entirely by females, are much feared in Grüntilgard since generally abhor the peaceful scientific progress, preferring to use technology stolen from Clurichauns and Leprechauns - and improved by them - to purposes warlike , seeking total domination of all by force and brute power. Though feared, the other clans' more adventurous gnomes are their great admirers, due to the fact to be even beautiful, with often clear and bright as gems eyes and their beautiful bodies - at least for the Gnome patterns. Unlike the other clans, make use of magic source that borders between the Druidic and Shamanic, being many Kvinna warriors famous for transform into beasts during battle. Similar to those legendary Themiscyra Island's Amazons on the Earth, females are part of the higher classes of society, from the Queen to her warriors, scribes and inventors, while the few males, almost never seen, are slaves, used almost exclusively to produce new warriors through reproduction. The Kvinna can also control breeds considered weaker or less intelligent through their stolen machines or even their magic even in this realm as it is not present.

* Grüntilgard's Troglodyte: Considered the most primitive intelligent beings of the Great Tree, it's kinda hard to believe that just the simple Troglodytes live almost always in front of natural caves, where they form small villages of huts made of bones and animal hides enormous - as Malruks (A kind of mammoth hippo) - and live by hunting and collecting may be part of the Kingdom of Reason, where so much technology had been developed to the point of making the Gnomes - Clurichauns, Leprechauns or even Kvinnas - almost forget about their shamanic and ethereal beliefs - that Troglodytes also use and believe - in supernatural beings. These advances, however, little affected those curious clumsy-looking creatures with long ape arms, relatively short legs, hairs that look like ponies manes and tails like those of lions but prehensile like monkeys, and faces that vaguely resemble a human subspecies, long extinct - The Neanderthals. And despite their slightly aggressive appearance, these creatures are shy and naive, almost always avoiding contact with the Gnomes and other races. But was this ingenuity that almost caused their ruin. Provided advanced technology stolen from other clans gnomish the Kvinnas could control these beasts, almost turning them into fierce and crazy for battle Berserks armed with various weapons. However, were saved by other clans, who have welcomed them and helped them to rebuild. Happy with their considered archaic and simple lifestyle, the Troglodytes have refused many offers of technological advancement of the Gnomes, only giving way to those that did not affect much their way of live. The nobility of these creatures has been recognized throughout the Great Tree, being explicitly prohibited violent contact with these so captivating beings, that show how we can be happy with little.

* Grüntilgard's Leprechaun: Of thick red or blond hair, Leprechauns, like Clurichauns live in urban centers moved with Steampunk technology, however, inhabit the border regions, using their big brains and skills with machinery to develop simpler technologies, due to its still strong link with the rural world that many clan members still inhabit, developing from simple technologies to scare pests by gigantic harvesters, which more closely resemble robotic bodies where a small pilot controls their actions. Even as great warriors and skilled shooters, Leprechauns tend to get a bit away from conflict, unless that threaten their crops and their equals - and the supply of beer, of course. At a minimum this is the situation for male of the clan. The beautiful females tend to venture much more then them, similarly to the male Clurichauns. The curious and adventurous spirit of them is so big that they say that all Gnome, of whatever clan, has a bit of Leprechaun blood (If you know what I mean ...) As with their brother clan, shamanic and ethereal magic is present in the ancestral culture, but very few traces of those who use them.

* Muspelheim's Formorian: Shadowy creatures, the Formorians emerged similarly to Balrrûgs, but coming from the ash and toxic gases present in the Primeval Bog of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fire. Even having arisen after the Fire Ogres, the big monsters, similar to humanoid demonic dragons, claim The Ethereal Flame of Muspilli for themselves, as they have any right over her. Many speculate that, since they are the true masters of Black Magic, without even a practitioner of it that overcomes them, either mortal or immortal, they would use it their own pleasure, very probably due to their role during Ragnarök. Considered the greatest enemies of the Order, together with the White Lady Solvmorra huldrefolk the Formorians were before led by Buarainech, The Dreaded, which had invaded the citadel of Farbauty in search of the Flame, but was defeated by a certain blacksmith, who would one day become king. Since the defeat of the Muspelheim's Ballrûgs the Formorians were locked in dungeons, magical seals and ethereal prisons scattered throughout Yggdrasill, guarded by massive arcane and telluric guardians conjured by shamans, sorcerers and druids of all races who support the Order. The ashes' demons current leader is Balor of the Evil Eye, Lord of Magic and Unholy Lord of Death, declared one of the Chaotic Big Seven - Solvmorra, Baal, Asmodeus, Azazel, Apophis, Abaddon and Balor - Enemies of the Three Brothers and the Pantheons. Balor, in particular, is great disaffection of the Tuatha de Dannan especially the Great Mother Dana and Druidic Tuatha of the Sun Belenos. Their role in Ragnarök will be almost decisive, as shown:

And from the depths of their dungeons
Resurface the Lords of the Ashes
Destroying all that dare slow them
In their march to the Kingdom of Fire
Where will seek the bright flame
That will bring fire and despair
In the Great Tree before so leafy

* Vanaheim's Common Adlet: Feared throughout the Great Tree, the Aldet are a dark and unpredictable people classically known as Vampires, especially the Commons, with a more humanoid look, gray skin, black claws, large fangs, glazed eyes and demon tails. However, they were not always bloodthirsty beasts. Before, all Adlet were Vanir, creatures very similar to Half-Elves, who lived nature in large cities similar to those of elves, built between trees or large hollow logs. Practitioners of shamanistic magic, the Vanir were some of the most beautiful creatures that ever existed, lovers of progress offered to them by the Gnomes and knowledge transferred by Trolls and Elves. But strange experiments conducted by the legendary Vanir leader Amân, declared knower of Dark Magic of the lower level. However, the warlock was a charismatic leader, quickly conquering the naive Vanir, using for his own benefit advanced technologies and good will of his subjects. Everything changed when the first appeared. A genetic experiment managed to trigger the wildest and most primitive instincts of the calm creatures, turning them on the monsters they are today. Mauch was the resistance against the experiences of Amân and his minions, but they eventually subdue all the Vanir, without exception. Vanaheim, before a reign of peace and prosperity, has become the Kingdom of Chaos where Adlet dominate all environments, once so lush and beautiful, now taken by twisted metal forming fearful structures scattered over a vast desert ferrous sands, with scarce water and very dangerous predators, including the Vampires themselves. Azazel - formerly known as the second in command of Amân's forces, Krûv -was one of the first Adlet, had eventually become one of the most feared creatures of all the Great Tree and Vanaheim's Great Tyrant, declared enemy of Asgard and the Archangel Michael, his counter-point in opposite-kingdom Midgard, the Kingdom of Order. Are these skilled swordsmen and hunters who will form a good part of The Chaos Army during the Ragnarök. They were responsible for many important events in Yggdrasill, as the birth of the Ljusalfheim's Drekkan, corruption of Nidavellir's Goblins, among many others.

* Vanaheim's Bat Adlet: Created from the original Vampires, the Bat Adlet are somewhat larger than their terrestrial relatives, with long arms turned into wyvern wings, with large black eyes to absorb more light during the chilly and foggy nights in Vanaheim - even the days also are not so clear. Very agile and dangerous, these Adlet dominate the skies with large twisted tower like structures, which were large colonies. Like Common Adlet this Vampire clade faithfully serves the Great Tyrant, besides being knowledgeable in arcane black magic and experts in air strikes were responsible, under the command of Lord Azazel, for the massacre of the Drumnis - the Vanaheim's Dragons (Every kingdom of Yggdrasil has at a minimum a type of dragon in their lands) - hunting them until total extinction. It shows as the third most feared Adlet, due to the fact that they fly silently and see as well as Dwarves and Drow in the dark.

* Vanaheim's Mole Adlet: Of grotesque appearance, the Mole Adlet would be the rest of so many genetic experiments made in the calm Vanir, being practically contaminated waste in their early specimens. However, some of the Amân's wizards saw potential in the massive creatures, enhancing increasingly their characteristics until a digging machine, similar to a large larva with minuscule legs armed with sharp claws, and the almost total lack of vision, rotund, long and flexible bodies as those of larvae, as well as powerful and long jaws armed with sharp teeth with which chew almost any type of surface to be able to create their large tunnel galleries, and special glands in their mouths, able to channel the very strong acid on their stomachs in pressurized jets, like weapons. The action of these monsters on the before fertile land did everything practically collapsed, creating the great barren deserts dominated by large colonies similar to termite mounds of these genetic aberrations.

* Vanaheim's Jackal Adlet: Monstrous beings, the Jackal Adlet are the pinnacle of genetic modification for combat, being the most feared Adlet type for their enormous strength and unmatchedagility and ferocity. Almost the size of adult hippos, these monsters are the first line of the armies of Azazel, almost like Berserks. Their powerful claws and jaws tear their prey, and their potent scent and darkvision leverage their murderous skills. They live in dark and dry forests, before the houses of more connected to nature Vanir, whose corpses are devoured by these monsters and their underground compatriots. The Jackal Adlet are so greedy and hungry who do not even bother to devour other Adlets or even the offspring - that for the luck of this clade, is usually quite large, since groups like wolf packs are polygamous, where a large male crosses several females.

* Vanaheim's Fish Adlet: Amid the great underwater caves of the Vanaheim's bleary and dark ocean, the Fish Adlet seem rickety axolotls, extremely strong, slender and agile. These skilled vampires are great fighters, especially in the use of spears and other long-handled weapons - unlike the terrestrial relatives, who prefer swords and contact weapons - being even more intelligent than the land vampires. Cruel and indifferent, these creatures of pale skin and big bright eyes live in massive shoals, which is irrelevant to have a leader, since they serve the Great Tyrant with loyalty, as well as all the Adlet clades. Anyone who shows any kind of leadership among the shoal is completely discarded, being almost torn apart by the relatives and left at the mercy of large marine predators - as the Shurkan (Four finned and black skinned sharks) or Milluks (Lagre sabretooth otter-like mammals, voracious as leopard seals).
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