Sobek Picture

Sobek is the Egyptian crocodile god. He has a very dual nature. He is seen as being both a dark god, and a creator. By some he is revered by others reviled. Some say he is an aspect of Horus, who took the form of a crocodile when searching for the scattered body parts of Osiris. Others say he is associated with Set, the rival of Horus.

I wanted to symbolically represent the dual nature of Sobek. The pyramid on the left side represents death/chaos/darkness, the pyramid on the right represents life/order/light.

The colors is based upon Egyptian color symbolism.

Green is the color of new life, and fertility, the expression to go green deeds means to do good, life persevering things.
Black is the color of death
and Red is a color with dual meaning which ties these two different sides together. Red is the color of life and victory, but it is also the color of anger and chaos and is linked to Set.
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